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Lesbian Rep. Christine Johnson Read a Gay Poem For Utah’s House. That Wasn’t the Controversial Part

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Christine Johnson, the lesbian assemblywoman in Utah’s House who is carrying a baby for two gay men, kicked off the day’s legislative session by reading the poem “Say Yes” by gay poet and activist Andrea Gibson. It might have taken the local media’s reports to clue in her peers that the poem was about gay stuff, but they must have known something was abnormal, since a morning prayer, delivered by one of the many Mormon lawmakers, usually begins the day.

But the poem wasn’t just worth an eyebrow raise because of its homo notions, but because it includes the word “shit.” Badass!

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  • Kamikapse

    Americans are so amusing with their faux outrage over anyone using the s-bomb… if it was fuck, yeah perhaps.. but c’mon.

    Because watching politicians reading poems is what children do all day amirite?

  • Rikard

    We have a lot to be proud of here in Utah.

  • Daniel

    It must be like a Jewish person reciting a passage in front of the Nazi parliament of WWII Germany after the parliament has violated the human rights of millions of people. No matter what excuse they make the Utah legislature has violated the human rights of millions of people. What is ridiculous is that the people in Utah who pushed for the violations did it claiming majority rule, but if that is truly the case then the hundreds of millions of gay people on Earth must certainly get to vote on the fate of Utah, right? Didn’t everyone in Utah claim a larger group gets to dictate the small group’s human rights by simply voting them away? Does that only work one way? That’s why the hypocrisy is pathetically overwhelming in the state. There is nothing to be proud of in Utah.

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