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  • onehundredeight

    You need to get over this Lady Gag”A” hate fixation you have. It’s kind of sad. She broke off the deal with Target. Because she wasn’t cynical enough to think they’d never change.

  • Chris

    I wasn’t really impressed with the performance. But “yay!” for a lesbian winning =)

  • DJ

    -_- That was horrible… On top of that, “The Prince and Me” miss lead me into believing people from Denmark spoke English. I am highly disappointed smh -_-

  • Satsuma

    Draco Malfoy. She’s Draco Malfoy.

  • A

    Denmark, really?

  • gruffdan

    Well at least they don’t have Cokes in front of them

  • SpireaX

    Happy for the young lady she won but I have to say, that performance would’ve provoked mass ridicule in the U.S. Her vocals, shall we say, was not exactly stateside-friendly. Still, I hope she succeeds in her recording career.

  • Alex

    Wasn’t impressed with the vocals, but good luck girl!

    BTW, am I the only one who hates it when people change lyrics to reflect their own sexual orientation?

  • Green Marker

    @Alex: I feel the same way about both of your opinions.

  • yeahwRight

    sorry, but besides not being a very good singer, she also looks like a bouncer, moves like a sedated grizzly with cuffs on, and she dresses like … oh well, whatever.

    The only good thing about all this is, that she’s 15 and knows for sure that she’s a lesbian, that she has a gf, and everyone loves her in Danmark.

    The L-word … it’s not really her.

  • david

    Where can Sarah’s music be purchased, in the United State or online I have tried to find her discs/mp3’s everywhere and can’t seem to find anywhere that they can be purchased, thanks!

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