Lesbian Vlogger Burns Chick-Fil-A With “Anti-Gay, Anti-Me” Speech

In this video, sensible lesbian (or is that redundant?) Molly Cox helps provide some arguments for those of us with friends—sometimes even gay ones—who insist on continuing to stuff their face at Chick-fil-A.

“Chick-Fil-A is not the first company, nor will it be the last, to come out as ‘anti-gay,’ she explains. “Rather than take our fight up with the people we can’t win over, why not take up the fight with the people that love us? Let them know, ‘When you support those who are anti-gay, you support people who are anti-me.’

As we celebrate the first (and God-willing, only) Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, consider scribbling Cox’s motto on a tee shirt and heading over to your nearest puritanical poultry shack.

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  • John

    I’m tired of talking about Chick-Fil-A because everybody and their grandmother wants to fucking fight about the subject. However, this was refreshing. She said everything that I TRY to say, but just much more clear and concise than I ever could. I appreciated this video.

  • Myles.

    It get’s easier for gay men to get over their misogynic mistrust of women when being confronted by people like Molly Cox.
    Anti-gay is anti-me!
    Go lesbians!

  • DrewSF

    A lesbian being way too PC and getting offended at everything, what a stereotype!

  • Mike Hipp

    I LOVE Lesbian haircuts! That mini pompadour is bitching!

  • mnd_branham

    Wow! Well said.. I completely agree. Anti-Gay is Anti-Me!

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