School Uses Crazy Mother Defense

Lesbian’s “Cootie” Daughter Bullied At School

Kids can be such vile creatures! A gang of guppies have been tormenting a Massachusetts girl because her mama’s into other mamas. Things have reportedly gotten so bad that the 9-year old now needs a body guard.

A young Milton girl, excessively teased because her mother is gay, is forced to go to school with a bodyguard.

Virginia Gaffey says that her 9-year-old daughter was physically assaulted by other students on the playground at Tucker Elementary in Milton. She claims that the reason was because she is a gay mother.

“She had been harassed, told she has cooties, and that she should be ashamed…

That is just so rude. Saying someone has cooties must be the worst thing in the elementary world. Sure, there’s a vaccine, but the stigma’s really extraordinary. Saying someone has cooties can ruin a person’s entire childhood.

Though she continues to be bullied at a new school, where the bodyguard has proven insufficient, the girl has learned an important lesson: “Instead of being chicken I stick up for others.” That’s right, girl! Being a chicken’s way worse than having cooties.

Meanwhile, school officials claim they did everything in their power to curb the cootie talk and suggest Gaffey may be exaggerating. Says the school’s superintendent Magdalene Giffune,

When something happens to your own child it’s far more personal and less abstract then when it happens to someone else. But, I believe that it was handled appropriately.

Tell that to the cootie kid with a bodyguard and a pissed off lesbian mom.