Lesbian’s Cop Rapist Convicted, Faces Life Sentence

Marcus Huffman, the 39-year-old Providence cop accused of raping a lesbian woman in a police station bathroom, was convicted of first-degree sexual assault. He faces a possible life sentence, though his attorney says he plans to appeal.

The woman testified that Huffman raped her in the bathroom of a police substation in March 2007 after picking her up outside a Providence nightclub where she was turned away for being too drunk. She said she could not remember what happened inside the bathroom, but that she woke up later with her pants undone and her undergarments removed. She then walked to her aunt’s house and was taken to a hospital, where she says Huffman showed up to take her report.

Prosecutor Maureen Keough accused Huffman of taking advantage of an intoxicated and physically helpless woman. But lawyer Robert Caron attacked the woman’s credibility, suggesting she had a consensual sexual encounter with Huffman and then lied about being raped because she didn’t want to tell her girlfriend the truth. The woman identified herself at trial as a lesbian and said she hadn’t had consensual sex with a man since early in high school.