Also, Smoking Cigarettes Can Prove Fatal.

Lesbians Feel Holiday Stress, Says Survey

We get a lot of bullshit emails on a daily basis. Here’s a sample from a recent missive from Witeck Combs:

When it comes to stress or depression during the holiday season, lesbians tend to feel both at higher levels than their heterosexual counterparts. In a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive, four out of five (80%) of lesbian adults say they tend to feel more stressed around the holidays while 64% of the heterosexual women surveyed said they tend to feel more stressed. Additionally, while half (51%) of lesbians said they tend to feel depressed around the holidays, only 36% of heterosexual women said they did.

The survey also indicates that smoking’s a “health factor” for lesbians. Astonishing!

Here’s a PDF of the study. It’ll blow your mind.