Lesbians Given Ultimatum: Stop Kissing Or You’re Out!

A woman’s lazy parenting sparked a controversy at a Seattle baseball game:

Sirbrina Guerrero says she was approached at a baseball game and told to stop kissing her girlfriend after a woman complained to staff at Seattle’s Safeco Field that they were “groping and making out.”

Guerrero was told by a seating host that the woman didn’t want to explain to her son why two women were kissing, she said to KOMO 4 TV, but she refused to give in.

The ladies also took some time to snap shots of straight couples kissing, none of whom were reprimanded. If only we were surprised…

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  • RJ

    Hey, its Sirbrina from A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila! I should really feel ashamed that I recognize her, but its Sirbrina!

  • Jaroslaw

    Let’s not forget a couple years ago or maybe not even that long ago, but some religious wacko groups rented SAFECO stadium and 20,000 people went to “save” marriage. From the Homos of course. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think the horrific straight divorce rate was mentioned…..

  • foofyjim

    Let this be a reminder to all queers! Publicly display your affection whenever and wherever you can. Challenge these right wing nut-jobs on it. I go to dozens of baseball games a year with my lover and we kiss, hold hands, share food, share blankets, and give each other high fives and the Cubs have yet to throw us out.

  • Qjersey

    “the woman didn’t want to explain to her son why two women were kissing”

    hope this homophobic twat polices what her kids watch on TV, see in magazines…and on and on”

  • fredo777

    I love their friend’s style. She’s so punked out.

    As for the ban on the couple kissing @ a game, I think it’s a load of crap. It doesn’t come as a shock, though, considering how much homophobia occurs in sports.

  • Veronica Trash

    These kind of news depresses me but it’s real. It’s the double standard, hetero couples can kiss in public but when gay people do it, it’s corrupting the kids. Right, like watching “Hannah Montana” is not doing that already!

  • RPCV

    Public displays of affection are gross, period. They’re even more gross when they’re homo because the vast majority of people are not used to seeing it. Perhaps if gays could could try to get some base hits first (e.g., light touching, holding hands discreetly) and then collectively build up over time to a home run (e.g., open mouth kissing) after years of getting to second and third base first, the public would catch on and acceptance would slowly but surely result. Just a thought……

  • 2wheels2four

    Helllloooo? In SEATTLE, are you kidding me? WA has a good non-discrimination law on the books. I hope these women remind the good folks at Safeco field of that, then get an attorney. Free baseball games for life!

    And RPCV, find a therapist. You’ve got major issues with internalized homophobia and probably some intimacy issues too, hon.

  • RPCV

    2wheels2four: I’m a pragmatic realist. You’re a left wing loon who thinks cutting against the grain is going to help him achieve instant acceptance and overall accomplishment of large scale goals and objectives.

  • Rsquared

    I thought RPCV was being ironic with the first post to make a point. Oops; I guess not. You scare me, RPCV. A pragmatic realist? Hardly. Coward is more like it.

  • scott

    While I understand where RPCV is coming from. Seriously, eff that.

    Just think if the peeps at Stonewall were pragmatic realists, you wouldn’t even be able to say you’re gay on a forum. All the gays would still be cowering at home and trying to hook-up in alleyways. Puhleese.

    It’s not like they are screwing in the stands. It’s just equal rights. Two people kissing. If heteros are doing it in the stands then homos can as well. Otherwise, the heteros need to stop such obnoxious behavior.

  • RPCV

    Scott: You made my point exactly. Re-read my first post and you’ll see, “Public displays of affection are gross, period.” No more need be said……

  • scott


    Yeah, you said they were gross but then went on about suggesting how homos need to work up to it. That’s what people are responding to. If you just said, PDAs = Gross and everyone should stopped doing that. That makes sense and I don’t think people would disagree with you.

    The lesbians in question said they just gave a quick peck. While there was in attendance heteros kissing. So, it’s unfair for them to be asked to stop kissing while others are able to do continue to kiss. If the policy is no PDAs, then make it so for all.

  • Patrick

    Why was the crazy bitch mother watching the crowd instead of the game? She was just on the rag and needed to find something to complain about.

  • Shabaka

    Okay so by this logic, we(black people)should have waited a few more decades to be able to ride the bus like everyone else. Women should have…Do you see where I’m going with this?

    PDA’s aren’t gross…They’re fantastic and displaying our humanity shouldn’t have to be fought for!

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