No Discrimination, Says Judge, But A Whole Lotta Tacky

Lesbians Lose Gym “Family” Suit

A Minnesota judge gave “family” a workout this week. Lesbian couple Amy and Sarah Monson sued the Rochester Athletic Club after the club refused to give them a family rate.

Rochester’s lawyers insisted they didn’t discriminate, because their definition of “family” hinges on marriage and the women aren’t married. Gay people, of course, can’t get married, so they basically used discrimination to back up their discrimination. Clever. And effective: the judge agreed.

Though he ruled against the women this week, the judge used his ruling to blast Rochester Athletic Club’s “anachronistic” policy:

This morally and legally defensible yet unrealistically narrow definition of family fails to recognize the underlying stability and commitment of the Monsons’ relationship. Other, arguably more enlightened organizations… have chosen not to reduce the definition of family in such an anachronistic fashion.

The ladies say they’re pumped to appeal the decision.