Lesbians Seeking Marriage Find Trespassing Charges

America sure can be screwy sometimes.! Here we have a country that’s supposed to be all about equal rights and the such, and then we have something like this:

A lesbian couple who staged a sit-in at the Denver Clerk and Recorder’s Office after being denied a marriage license was found guilty today of trespassing.

Within minutes of the verdict by an all-woman Denver County Court jury, Judge James Breese sentenced Kate Burns and Sheila Schroeder to 28 hours of community service each and ordered each to pay $41 in court costs.

Breese said he was imposing no jail time because the women conducted themselves in a “rational and calm” manner when they sought the marriage license last fall and during the sit-in after it was refused.

Well, at least there’s some rationality in all this irrational, illiberal garbage.