Leslie Jordan Reveals His Love Of Young Men And What He Has In Common With Dolly Parton


OK, you’ve got a big mouth, but is there anything you won’t talk about in your stage shows?

No, there’s really not. I got into recovery 16 years ago after I had several unfortunate incarcerations for various reason I’d really rather not discuss. [Laughs] But you find out in the recovery program that you’re only as sick as your secrets and I’ve always been an open book. I’m perfectly happy with who I am and what I am, which is something I discovered when I quit drinking and drugging at 42 years of age. My first spiritual advisor said, “Honey, what you are is a fag-hating fag.” I said, “No, I do not dislike gay men. What’re you talking about? I just don’t like really effeminate gay men.” She said, “Hello!” [Laughs] Hello! Back to your question, nothing is off limits. My manager is on me constantly about it. He says, “Leslie, you’re in public. Don’t talk like that.”

But your candor is one of your most appealing qualities.

Sometimes I wonder if I can take it to the next level. I look at these people that I started out with like Kathy Griffin. That bitch is making $7 million a year on her standup alone. That’s my goal. I do well and I’m not complaining. But I’m in no way financially set. I don’t know why I haven’t made money at this, unless I blew it all. [Laughs] I don’t know where it went. I must have spent in on those boys.

Since you brought it up, your Facebook page shows a lot of photos of you with some very handsome young men. Are these friends or romantic interests?

No, I’m a shepard now, not a wolf. I love meeting beautiful young boys and having my picture taken. But anytime I mistake their interest for something romantic, I get in trouble.

Uh, oh. What kind of trouble?

Well, I think back when I was 22 and I wouldn’t have wanted a 60-year-old man licking his chops over me. I had one a year or so ago say “It’s a little creepy” when I went in the wrong direction. I was horrified. Horrified! That word! Who wants to be a creepy old queen? [Laughs] He was right, though. I want to live an exemplary life. I don’t want to be an old queen licking my chops over these young boys. But I’m so attracted to them. And my problem is the straight boys. Where do I think I’m going to get with that? I’ve learned that they’re not looking to me for sex, but for advice on the industry.

Are you dating someone now?

I’m actually single and have been for years and have never been happier. My friend said to go to I said, “Oh, God! I’m not going to!” He asked, “Don’t you get lonely?” I don’t. It’s the weirdest thing. I did when I was young. There was this yearning. I’d go from bar to bar looking for the party. I was always wondering, Where are the happening people? Where are the beautiful people? Now, honey, when it’s 6 o’clock I’m home and the curtain goes down. I’m in bed by 10.

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  • Charlie in Charge


  • KittyLitter

    “And my problem is the straight boys.”
    Oh jeez……………..
    This guy turned AHS:Coven into a comedy.

  • Rockery

    Forgive me, I’m trying to say this in a PC way. Is he special needs?

  • zrocqs

    @Rockery: He’s damn special….and don’t we all have needs?

    . (and you’re forgiven)

  • 2eo

    He looks like someone who wouldn’t even be funny in a carry on film, and there’s plenty of them about.

  • jwrappaport

    Loved him in Boston Legal. Funny guy!

  • sfbeast

    It was a while ago, but I think he was funny on Will and Grace. On Coven he’s a dud. He mentioned he forgets to say his lines, and that’s what the scenes look like. Although I think that show is pretty awful anyway. The first American Horror was fine, the second was good. But this one is terrible.

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