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Leslie Jordan reveals what his mom said when he came out, aged 12

Leslie Jordan in 2021
Leslie Jordan (Photo: Shutterstock)

This is both sweet and kinda heartbreaking. Actor and singer Leslie Jordan took to Instagram yesterday to tell his 5.7million followers what his mom said to him when he came out.

Jordan, 66, was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He’s talked previously about the challenges he faced reconciling his sexuality with the fact he was raised as a Southern Baptist.

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In his latest video, he talks about how much he loves his mother, who is still alive, and of the sacrifices she made to raise him and his twin sisters.


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“When I was about 12, I told her. I confided in her. She was my best friend. I told her I thought I was gay. I didn’t know that word. I think I used ‘queer’ or… I just knew that the boys at school had been teasing me a little bit.”

This would have been around 1967/68.

“She thought on it, and I thought she might pull her bible out, I wasn’t sure,” continues Jordan. “And she said, ‘You know son. I think… that you probably just need to lead a quiet life, otherwise you’ll be subject to ridicule and I could not bear that.

“So,’ Jordan adds, changing his demeanor from reflective to exuberant, “Here I am living a quiet life, mama!”

Award-winning songwriter Linda Thompson was among those to comment, echoing the sentiments of many: “Please keep leaving your quiet life out loud! You are a joy and a blessing! Love to your sweet mama… Bless her heart.”

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Jordan relocated to Los Angeles in 1982 and has found fame with a string of TV and film appearances, including Will & Grace and several seasons of American Horror Story. He’s currently appearing in Call Me Kat.

Jordan grew a huge Instagram following in 2020 after he started posting hilarious videos of himself in lockdown with his mother back home in Tennessee.

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