Less Than a Day Into Tweeting, Neil Patrick Harris Is Already Bitching


Having just started tweeting 19 hours ago, Neil Patrick Harris already has over 52,000 followers of his Dr. Horrible-festooned account. So what riveting insight into this actor-slash-awards-show-host do we gain from his new public disclosures?

This: “‘Morning. Reading backlog of responses and sipping coffee. How many times should one tweet per day? BTW this character limit hokum is pis.” Leave it to the gays to start off the morning complaining. [/sarcasm, ya over-reactors]

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  • Tommy

    It’s odd timing that NPH just now got a Twitter account… even though that Moto Cliq commercial that came out two weeks ago clearly showed him having one!

    But nevermind that… I’ve never had a Twitter account… but with NPH on it, I no longer have a reason not to!

  • drewbrown

    Twitter is sooooo boring, I do not understand the fascination.

  • cortelyou

    Hey Doogie, coffee is not good for you.

  • Jacqui Smith

    He’s pretty popular on the *chans in spite of being a homofag.

  • Larry-bob

    Drewbrown, how interesting Twitter is all depends on who you follow and how high a signal/noise ratio they have.

  • alejandro

    i follow him on twitter :D god i love him *swoon*

  • Jacob

    There’s something about him that makes me weak in the knees lol! Im not a 60 yr old or something hahaha! Im 21 but i this guy is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

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