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Let John McCain Have His Open DADT Session. So He Can Further Embarrass Himself

Sen. John McCain wants the Senate Armed Services Committee to hold an “open session” today as it debates adding DADT to the Defense Department bill. He’s getting his way. And while some may claim it’s just going to be an opportunity for McCain to rail against the gays, we’re completely open to any opportunity at transparency where the senator can continue writing his own history as an ornery old fool.

We all know where McCain stands on the policy: he wants to keep it. He’s consistently contradicted his own arguments about the repeal effort. And his grandstanding these days appears more like a way to convince Arizona voters he’ll continue voting for hatred than anything else.

So expect nothing new with McCain’s stab at letting everyone see how the Armed Services Committee is going to bat this one around. At this point we’re just interested in how many pullquotes McCain can deliver that’ll be written into his biographies that paint this man as a prejudiced, misinformed stain.