Let Queerty Send You On A Date With Rhode Island’s Rep. David Cicilline!

The Providence mayor-cum-federal lawmaker may be six weeks into learning how Congress works, and packing meetings with constituents and interest groups into his daily routine, but Rep. David Cicilline has had time to visit at least one Washington D.C. gay bar (JR’s). Alas, it was just with an old friend. How come? Because he’s single! “You’re asking me that right after Valentine’s Day?” he laughs to the Washington Blade. “How cruel!” No, what’s cruel is that you haven’t found a good man, David! So Queerty is taking it upon ourselves to find you a perfect match. With one of our readers.

If not Mr. Right, then we at least want to find David a Mr. Right Now. Somebody who’s intrigued, but not intimidated, with this man’s rapid political rise. Someone who cares about the economy (enough to drop a few bucks for a nightcap at a local haunt). And given David’s interest in seeing small businesses succeed, maybe you’re an entrepreneur. Think of all the jokes you can make during your second glass of cab sav about how you avoid paying some taxes!

Now, the fine print: We cannot actually guarantee any of you will actually get a date with David — because he doesn’t know we’re running this little contest for him. But we promise to consider each of your entries very seriously, and we’ll use whatever pull we have in the halls of D.C. power (read: We hear we’re big in the 10-foot-radius around Barney Frank) to score you a date with Rep. Cicilline. We might even register an intern as a federal lobbyist just so he can pound on David’s door from noon until night to convince him to meet with our man.

We’ll even cover dinner for you both. You’ve got nothing to lose!

So what do you have to do to win a date with the newest of four openly gay current House members? Simply leave a comment below and include:

• Your first name at least, and your complete name if you so choose
• A valid email address (you don’t need to leave it in the body of the comment for spammers and other readers to see, but put a valid address in the email field, otherwise we won’t be able to contact you)
• A brief description of yourself and why you make a good boyfriend, or at least a good impression
• A personal message for David, telling him why you think you’d be a match, and perhaps what you’d do on your first date (Note: This is probably the most important part of this contest)
• Embed a photo of yourself (if you feel comfortable) by inserting the URL of your picture in the body of your comment like this: [img][/img]
• If you’re up for it, include a link to a a publicly available profile (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) that you don’t mind sharing

Then we’ll run your entries through out patent-pending David Cicilline Perfect Match Algorithm, choose a winner, and tell David when and where to meet his handsome new fella.

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