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Let Shirtless Violin Player covering Sia’s “Chandelier” into your dreams

He descended into our lives one Friday, twirling hither and yon from the tenuous folds of his bright red streamer. Then, shirtless and strung up, he kicked our hearts into a frenzy we didn’t think possible, armed with only his profound shirtlessness and his trusty Stradivarius. (Well, a violin, anyway.)

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Matthew (aka, Shirtless Violinist) is easy on the eyes, and he’s easy on the ears. He’s basically easy on everything. And the classically trained cover artist wants to sweep you off your feet — not with a bright red streamer to swing on and call your own, but with this otherworldly cover of Sia’s ubiquitous single “Chandelier.”

“This is one of my all-time favorite pop songs,” he write, “and I think it sounds beautiful on the violin.”


Watch the clip below: