Sissy strut

Let ‘The Sissies’ vogue you right on out of those 2016 blues


File this one under “mid week life-affirming magic.”

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Choreographed by Bay Area dance legend Allan Frias and directed by Frias and Jaysin Ashbaugh, the below video features dance triad The Sissies voguing their way through the Castro in San Francisco to a crazed, skittering (and sickening) track called “What U Lookin’ At” by Ash B.

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Kicking off with an homage to Paris Is Burning, it’s the perfect antidote to basically every other bit of news today, and yesterday, and likely tomorrow. The world may be messy, but as long as there are queer people dancing in the streets and turning heads, something is moving in the right direction.

Watch below:

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