Let’s All Watch Andy Cohen Get Slightly Drunk

If it weren’t for Bravo’s Senior Vice President of Production and Programming, Andy Cohen, basic cable would be a sea of celebrity rehabs and Flavor Flav spin-off’s. But thanks to his efforts, life is a cavalcade of bitchy British hairstylists, bitchy wannabe fashion designers/chefs/dancers, bitchy housewives and very sweet, wonderful gym trainers (We’re not getting on the bad side of Work Out‘s Jackie Warner. She crazy.)

With all the drama he’s responsible for, it’s surprising then that Andy is such a lovable sweetheart. He even has a blog. Today’s post:

“Hey everybody. I bet I smell like burnt wood this morning because I feel like I’ve been roasting by a fire for the last 48 hours. By a fire is not a bad place to be, by the way….”

See? Adorable. Instinct Magazine thinks so too and named him one of the “Leading Men of 2008” and even threw a party in his honor and/or to please their advertisers. You can catch Andy in the first two minutes of this clip (it’s boring after that), where he speculates about his new show “Top Bottom” and then, leaning on The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Nene, tells everyone how he’s single and needs a husband. And then he grins a lot and puts his head back on her.

Yeah, we’re crushing.