Let’s Bring Back Airborne Dildos And Fly Them Directly To Vladimir Putin

flying dildoIt’s been almost a month since this Facebook group began asking folks to mail their old (and preferably used) dildos to Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was less of a political statement and more an attempt to get under the old bag’s skin, but is it working? Are your old, used dildos helping?

Putin hasn’t mentioned his new dildo collection, and we may never know what became of the endangered mass of dildos that hit his doorstep. Maybe we should find a more direct and public way to deliver the dildos?

Let’s just scrap the snail mail campaign and start flying dildos directly into Vladimir Putin’s person. The idea isn’t that far-fetched, as it obviously worked at ruining the vibe at this 2008 Russian press conference in the video below. The video was uncovered and posted recently by America Blog—it has nothing to do with Russia’s archaic new laws, but the sentiment is now more relevant than ever.

Dildo flying. Let’s bring it back and make it a thing, guys!