Let’s Have 1 Investigation For Every 2 Officers Involved in Ft. Worth Bar Raid


How many full blown investigations of the Stonewall-style Ft. Worth Rainbow Lounge bar raid can there be? At least four, apparently.

The Fort Worth City Council now wants a federal investigation, and if the U.S. Attorney’s office in Dallas agrees, it’ll be the fourth such probe.

Who else is causing hell for the Ft. Worth Police Department and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission? Themselves, actually.

The TABC is investigating two of its own agents involved in the raid, and the FWPD is doing the same with its own officers, with both Internal Affairs and Major Case wanting to know what went down.

Not only has TABC admitted its staffers “violated” policy, but some of the FWPD cops involved in the June 28 raid have a history of, shall we say, going overboard with the fisticuffs. This is probably not great news when it comes to finding themselves innocent of wrongdoing.

But hey, you know what four separate investigations means? Gays will finally get use of some of those state and federal tax dollars they keep paying disproportionately higher amounts of.