white collar

Let’s Listen in to Matt Bomer’s Pillow Talk With a Lady

Producers want White Collar viewers to believe Matt Bomer‘s Neal Caffrey is a lady’s man. So how come the only kind of play he gets is fake? (Possible spoilers ahead.)

Following up the second season premiere (where Caffrey’s flirtations with the opposite sex was just part of a scam), last night’s episode had Caffrey in bed! Wearing robes! With a woman!

Too bad the lady is actually undercover FBI Special Agent Diana Lancing, and their hotel penthouse suite was just a stunt to convince some pimp she was actually an escort. (Sorry, but we’re not doing episode recaps here, kiddos. There are blogs for that.) Which means Caffrey and Lancing were just faking the pillow talk. Oh, did we mention Lancing (played by Lost‘s Marsha Thomason, who is straight and married) is a lesbian? So we’ve got a gay man playing a charming straight man, and a straight woman playing a brass balled lesbian. Ramin Setoodeh will never sleep.