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Let’s Listen in to Matt Bomer’s Pillow Talk With a Lady

Producers want White Collar viewers to believe Matt Bomer‘s Neal Caffrey is a lady’s man. So how come the only kind of play he gets is fake? (Possible spoilers ahead.)

Following up the second season premiere (where Caffrey’s flirtations with the opposite sex was just part of a scam), last night’s episode had Caffrey in bed! Wearing robes! With a woman!

Too bad the lady is actually undercover FBI Special Agent Diana Lancing, and their hotel penthouse suite was just a stunt to convince some pimp she was actually an escort. (Sorry, but we’re not doing episode recaps here, kiddos. There are blogs for that.) Which means Caffrey and Lancing were just faking the pillow talk. Oh, did we mention Lancing (played by Lost‘s Marsha Thomason, who is straight and married) is a lesbian? So we’ve got a gay man playing a charming straight man, and a straight woman playing a brass balled lesbian. Ramin Setoodeh will never sleep.

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  • Hilarious

    I think that’s why they calling it “acting”.

  • Hank

    This dreamboat can pillow chat in my bed anytime – he’s the hottest thing on the screen.Add super nice guy, classy – whole package.

  • KurtK

    And pulls off straight perfectly – guess that’s great acting.He melts me…can we please clone him?

  • SGD

    Lucky bitch…

  • Pepper

    Wow queerty – I now firmly believe you are part of the Bomer PR machine since no such thing as bad press and you are doing daily posts.I realize he’s the hottest thing out there but daily – they paying you!

  • Craig

    Don’t recall any posts on NPH and his TV pillow talk but I guess NPH is so asexual, no one really cares.Matt is sex on a stick so we all care.We are a sad lot.

  • drums

    Also shocking: Matt Bomer’s real life name is Matt Bomer, yet he plays a character who consistently answers to “Neal Caffrey.” It’s almost like the producers want White Collar viewers to believe he’s some sort of fictional straight con artist for the purposes of storytelling! How very dare they.

  • BBW

    JFC, Queerty, what a sad and desperate post this is.

  • Brandon H

    Nothing worse than a hot gay guy not having hot gay pillow talk.

  • ToddFX

    queerty is jealous and desperate – Bomer is perfect!!!

  • Lance

    Back when I worked at Walt Disney World, I’d work the ABC SuperSoap weekends. While most guests were cool, you’d occassionally run across someone that clearly didn’t understand that the actors weren’t the characters they played. It sounds like whoever from Queerty wrote this post has that same break from reality.

    Queerty: What you see in the magic box in your house is not real.

  • RickyRicardo

    I think the Newsweek jerk was onto something…

  • Chuck

    I love Matt Bomer. The hottest male tv star is outish gay. Love it!

  • Matt in Seattle

    To quote Zachary Leavy, god must have been in the best mood in the history of god the day he created Matt Bomer.I agree, the man is perfect.Love his ‘mystery life’ – drives the career queens crazy!!Love to hear them whine and fret!

  • lookyloo

    Just a note about perhaps why the CHARACTER Matt Bomer plays hasn’t actually been getting with any women. The character, Neil, is madly in love with, and hoping to get back his girlfriend who’s ‘had to’ runaway for mysterious reasons. Though, at end of last season it appeared she was killed in an airplane explosion.
    It really is idiocy when Queerty gets so giggly with a handsome gay guy playing a handsome straight character.

  • Katt

    Queerty is just in love with Matt like the reast of the world and rightfully so – he defines dreamy and talented.

  • RickyRicardo

    Who watches this crappy show?

  • Katt

    About 4M (5.5M with DVR+7)people a week with among the highest 18-49 prime dems for a scripted series.Critics unanomously love it so maybe you should not ask such stupid questions, unless it was rhetorical (that means no answer required)…

  • Libby

    I have never seen his show or paid much attention to him until last night.He was on Leno.I’ve loved the ladies my entire life but I’ve got to say, I would make him my exception – he’s special – you can tell.

  • cherry weeks

    I really hope Matt Bomer hits A-list as he is like a breath of fresh air. Quite tired of some of the so-called A-list actors (especially those who hide in the closet) and yeah, time for the world to accept an openly gay actor in a lead man role. What’s an actor’s sexual orientation got to do with his acting skills anyway? I mean do we get real mutants to play the lead roles in X-Men or real aliens to play aliens? The fact that Matt is openly gay adds to his appeal!

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