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Let’s Meet The Guy Claiming He And Chris Brown Would Go Behind Closed Doors For Some Freaky Fun

I’m sure just what Chris Brown wants to deal with right now are allegations that he gets it on with another dude, but some guy named Jordan is making the Internet rounds claiming he enjoyed threeways with the domestic abuser. But sometimes it was just the two of them.

Not that Chris is gay, this Jordan person insists. And neither is he: “I’m not gay. Chris isn’t gay. I mean, if your definition of somebody being gay is somebody fuckin’ around occasionally then whatever, but you know, I ain’t gay.” Thank you for the clarification! Jordan, who has two kids, is not gay. He is a man who has sex with men. “Whatever went on between me and Chris is really our business,” Jordan adds. “I don’t really have to go into detail about what’s going on, but if that’s why you came to this video then you’re going to be disappointed. … Whatever occurred between us is our business.”

Bring on the disappointment! Like this photo of Brown and his supposed sometimes male lover, which captures a moment that could represent anything from “the morning after” to “some lackey waiting for Brown to finish getting ready so he can hand him a bottle of water.”

Just how bold are Jordan’s claims of intimacy with Brown? So much so that he’s claiming it was his text messages with Brown that are what caused that awful Grammy night fight with Rihanna. Which, uh, jesus, isn’t exactly something I’d want to be attached to, but hey, fame whores.

[via H8terade]

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  • Kev C

    My GiveaFuck meter is reading 0.0

  • Kemal

    And we should care because ??

  • Red Meat

    I wouldn’t mind some domestic abuse from Chris Brown.

  • Nathan

    Shock! Aren’t most hip hop artists on the DL?

  • brandon h

    Call me when there is a sex tape.

  • Brentinpdx

    Like I frickin care about Chris Brown. Can’t wait till I see the tabloids get a hold of this… entertainment in the grocery line.

  • Michael W.

    That doesn’t even look like Chris Brown in the picture.

  • Jsmith

    @brandon h: Ditto

  • Sandra

    He’s have a comeback at the moment with is songs Yeah 3X and Deuces on the Hot 100 so with his comeback gay rumors YAY!

    I’m not going to lie: He is the best dancer in the industry at the moment and we all know dancers are gay

    I love this. What a joke of a rumor.

  • Sandra

    God he’s hot. Those abs…he’s not a teenager anymore right?

  • Roger Rabbit

    I always thought that Chris attacking Rhianna was gay panic to being exposed. No big news revelation here….

  • JD

    this video is nothing but scandalous. get proof like texts, pics, or ph messages (like Tiger’s mistresses had) and then maybe I’ll believe he is bi. Otherwise…yawn…

  • Richie

    Is there any singer that isn’t gay now? I could care less seriously.

  • ewe

    I guess my parents were never heterosexual either. whateva!!!!!

  • ewe

    fuck all that, fuck all that shit. i just like to suck dick. Oh yeah. i aint gay . no how no way. i got two kids. WHATEVA!!!!!!! Are you not black either babycakes?

  • jason

    What he’s saying is that he’s not gay in the exclusively gay sense. He probably identifies as heterosexual because it’s socially acceptable although, technically, he’s bisexual.

    In any case, I want to know why Rihanna hasn’t come out in support of gay rights. She seems to be not very gay-friendly.

  • Barnelll

    That video was a huge waste of my time.

  • Michael

    Why is he wearing polka-dot boxers over his pants? Is this a fashion thing I’m supposed to know about?

  • rjp

    What is up with Bisexuals being unaware of that word ??

    Willful bullshit.

  • Ealan75

    Bored now.

    But I am curious- who took the picture?

  • chris

    @Kev C: lol love it

  • Malcom Diggs

    In defense of Mr. Brown, we do not know the full details so it is sexist to call him “domestic abuser” just because he is male. There are many reports of Rhianna’s violent outbursts towards Chris as well, so it sounds more like self defense and not abuse as the media has been playing up. Now they want to attack his manhood and sexuality which is so typical of the biased, controlled media. I only hope that fans do not take seriously these unfounded charges so that he can grow as an artist and man.

  • Steven B

    Why is it that when people have sex with their own gender, they insist that it’s not gay sex. When a man freaks with another man it’s gay. Admit it. The only reason you’re not calling it that is because of social stigma. Look, if it walks like a duck and has sex like a duck, it’s a duck!

  • Daria dee

    Lies fake another gay trying to get attention.. If Chris did dip I’m sure it wouldn’t be with an attention seeking low life… It would b with Bow Wow, Omorian or somebody like that.

  • Daria dee


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