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Let’s Meet The Guy Claiming He And Chris Brown Would Go Behind Closed Doors For Some Freaky Fun

I’m sure just what Chris Brown wants to deal with right now are allegations that he gets it on with another dude, but some guy named Jordan is making the Internet rounds claiming he enjoyed threeways with the domestic abuser. But sometimes it was just the two of them.

Not that Chris is gay, this Jordan person insists. And neither is he: “I’m not gay. Chris isn’t gay. I mean, if your definition of somebody being gay is somebody fuckin’ around occasionally then whatever, but you know, I ain’t gay.” Thank you for the clarification! Jordan, who has two kids, is not gay. He is a man who has sex with men. “Whatever went on between me and Chris is really our business,” Jordan adds. “I don’t really have to go into detail about what’s going on, but if that’s why you came to this video then you’re going to be disappointed. … Whatever occurred between us is our business.”

Bring on the disappointment! Like this photo of Brown and his supposed sometimes male lover, which captures a moment that could represent anything from “the morning after” to “some lackey waiting for Brown to finish getting ready so he can hand him a bottle of water.”

Just how bold are Jordan’s claims of intimacy with Brown? So much so that he’s claiming it was his text messages with Brown that are what caused that awful Grammy night fight with Rihanna. Which, uh, jesus, isn’t exactly something I’d want to be attached to, but hey, fame whores.

[via H8terade]