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Let’s See If Chris Armstrong Can Get Andrew Shirvell Disbarred!

Though University of Michigan student Chris Armstrong withdrew his petition for a protective order against Andrew Shirvell, he’s not bowing out of the legal fight against his adult bully just yet. His attorney filed a complaint with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission against the Michigan assistant attorney general. If the commission accepts the complaint and rules in Armstrong’s favor, it has the power to disbar Shirvell.

“We just feel very strongly … that you can’t be a licensed attorney and an officer of the court and conduct yourself this way and essentially terrorize a college student,” says Armstrong’s counsel Deborah Gordon, who’s trying to put an end to to Shirvell’s months-long harassment campaign.

More hilariously, Gordon filed her own complaint against Shirvell as a member of the bar.

Armstrong filed the complaint on the grounds Shirvell has violated the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys “by making obviously false, disgusting and utterly outlandish allegations about Armstrong’s lifestyle,” Gordon said. The rule Shirvell is accused of violating says it’s professional misconduct for a lawyer to “engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or violation of the criminal law.”

Gordon herself filed a separate complaint against Shirvell, citing conduct rules that say a lawyer with knowledge that another lawyer is violating the rules shall inform the commission. She said she believes Shirvell is unfit to practice law. She released a copy of her complaint, but declined to release Armstrong’s complaint.

Disbarring Shirvell would mean he would be forced out of his job (whether he’s disciplined or not), or at least demoted to doing some paralegal grunt work. But you don’t need a license to practice law to continue harassing gay college students. [Detroit Free Press]

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  • Dommyluc

    It’s a shame that the despicable mother-fucker looks so much like Pee Wee Herman, one of my personal heroes. I keep waiting for him to say, “I know you are, but what am I?” which, actually, sounds like the kind of juvenile response one of these ignorant teabagging fuckheads would make! LOL!

  • T

    Good for you Chris!

  • Chuck

    Shrivell is the gayest person in the universe. He hit every gay branch on the gay tree and then landed on a gay man. Then he did him.

  • Jeffee

    Yay Ms. Gordon—If she gets Shrivelled-dude disbarred, he can’t be Assistant Att’y Gen. any longer. I hope Chris—& Gordon—find some other legal way to get the harrassment to end.

    I can’t believe this saga has continued so fracking long !

  • John

    Why on earth did he drop his restraining order request? Seems kind of dumb, considering he’s now attempting to get this creeper disbarred.

  • gregger

    a tee, a tee hee hee. That little Nazi should be disbarred.

  • obiwan

    I hope Mr. Armstrong succeeds in having Mr.Shirvell. And hope the whole disbarment is an embarrassment politically and personally for Michigan’s poor excuse of an Attorney General, an individual who is spineless and just as much a loser as Mr. Shirvell.

  • Cam

    Hell yes that guy should be disbarred. He abuses his position to stalk and harrass.

  • alan brickman

    why did he drop the order????

  • ron

    If Chris does succeed in getting Shirvell disbarred, I would be plenty scared of what he (Shirvell) might do in retaliation. He’s clearly deranged.


    The fact that the AG still allows this deranged, obsessed asshole to even enter the parking lot is beyond comprehension. The AG himself needs to either resign or be removed from office for allowing a stalker to represent his office…………

  • declanto

    OK, He has a Pee Wee Herman resemblance. Is he plucking his (very arched) eyebrows???

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