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Let’s See Photos Of Atlanta Pastor Eddie Long At His Gayest

Now facing accusations of spiritual malpractice, or whatever, from three victims in two different lawsuits claiming sex abuse, Atlanta’s mega-church pastor Eddie Long isn’t done with the public embarrassment. (Even he knows as much: He canceled an appearance on the Tom Joyner Morning Show scheduled for today, specifically to discuss the allegations. Then the third victim came forward.) Among the evidence attorney B.J. Bernstein (who is representing all three accusers) has or is subpoenaing: credit card receipts, emails, phone call records, text messages — and yes, photos. Like this one of Long, whose third accuser Jamal Paris says liked to be called “Daddy,” sent in November 2008. It was signed “Eddie L Long, Amazed by His Grace.” We found a few other snaps that prove, without a doubt, this man loves penis! Or, loves looking like a man who loves it. But as we all know, the real proof isn’t how Long dresses — even in front of the mirror, GuysWithiPhones.com-style — but what he says, as the loudest critics of The Homosexuality are its deepest believers.