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Let’s See Photos Of Atlanta Pastor Eddie Long At His Gayest

Now facing accusations of spiritual malpractice, or whatever, from three victims in two different lawsuits claiming sex abuse, Atlanta’s mega-church pastor Eddie Long isn’t done with the public embarrassment. (Even he knows as much: He canceled an appearance on the Tom Joyner Morning Show scheduled for today, specifically to discuss the allegations. Then the third victim came forward.) Among the evidence attorney B.J. Bernstein (who is representing all three accusers) has or is subpoenaing: credit card receipts, emails, phone call records, text messages — and yes, photos. Like this one of Long, whose third accuser Jamal Paris says liked to be called “Daddy,” sent in November 2008. It was signed “Eddie L Long, Amazed by His Grace.” We found a few other snaps that prove, without a doubt, this man loves penis! Or, loves looking like a man who loves it. But as we all know, the real proof isn’t how Long dresses — even in front of the mirror, GuysWithiPhones.com-style — but what he says, as the loudest critics of The Homosexuality are its deepest believers.

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  • Carl

    Whoa! I didn’t know he used to look that hot! Put me on your payroll staff preacher man!

  • Bobby in Seattle

    If my preacher had a body built like that, I’d be kneeling at his alter daily. LOL

  • nineinchnail

    The hypocracy of this man is astounding.

  • Zach

    Never been a fan of men who work their upper bodies to freakish extreme and ignore or downplay their lower half.

  • Ted

    BBQ – I declare, that man is a big ol queer looking homo. Shame on him for his hypocracy.

  • Xtincta

    Preachers with Iphones. Quick someone make a site, I’m sure the Catholic church would be all over this.

  • B

    No. 2 · Bobby in Seattle wrote, “If my preacher had a body built like that, I’d be kneeling at his alter daily. LOL”

    Understandable, but keep in mind that we could be looking at a photoshop job.


    Ya know we here on Queerty St. make our snarky remarks ’bout these Gay preacher man sex dramas every time one of ’em is dragged out of his vile closet. I for one actually get a whole lotta enjoyment watching someone who has cast hatred on my community for personal gain twist in the wind knowing they have been exposed as nothing more than a fraud.

    But what is actually gets me kinda sorta ascared is just how many times these lemming like lunatics are duped. Look at just how many of these right wing scum who revel in spewing anti-Gay rhetoric have been exposed as absolute frauds. You have someone like Glenn Beck who was a failed FM shock jock Howard Stern wanna be who saw the success of Rush Windbag, Yawn Hannity et all. And for all practical purposes created a charachter of the angry conserative firebrand and now slips into that role each and every day reaping millions and laughing his vile ass off the whole way to the bank. Eddie Longs (for cock) drove a $250,000.00 Bentley lived a lavish lifestyle all funded from appeals to his ministry to “help those unfortunate souls”. His congregation was 25,000 people strong. Wouldn’t a sane person step back and wonder why the pastor was driving something that cost more than most of them earned in a decade……..

    The old saying “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” Kinda sorta shows these rightwing mental midgets do not possess the concept of shame. Because they keeps getting showered with lotsa shame………………

  • Kieran

    Another preacher who uses Jesus request to “Clothe the naked” as a personal invitation.

  • Enron

    Looks like George W. Bush was the 4th victim.

  • David

    Only supermodels and gay men are aware of turning your body at an angle to the camera lens to make the waist appear slimmer.

  • edgyguy1426

    I think these should be copied and stuffed in every church flier before service.

  • Rick Gold

    Every black guy I see is dressed like the preacher man in his mirror photos.

    I don’t think he is dressing gay, he is dressing black.

  • tjr101

    @Rick Gold: You obviously need to get out more!

  • SG

    v funny

  • ewe

    DEE LISH USSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. And i don’t mean him. I mean the situation. Alrighty then. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pray with me brothers and sisters. Pray with me and fill my basket. ( a ROAR a )

  • SomethingElse

    Wasn’t his church where they actually held Coretta Scott King’s funeral ???

  • SomethingElse

    P.S. You guys have to learn how to spell “hypocrisy.” Don’t mean to be petty, it’s just that I keep seeing that mistake over and over.

  • Steve

    A bishop in what church? Seriously. WTF is he wearing? What are those robes? He’s an Anglic bishop? He looks like he’s in a revival of The Wiz.

  • Kim

    If he had sent this pics to a lot of friends it would be one thing but to send it to 1 young man…No one else has come forward saying they received this pic Out of 25,000 congregation members ,thousands of facebook friends, supporters that have been asked about in interviews GMAFB

  • Michael

    If nothing else, it’s at least photo evidence that Eddie loves Eddie. Sorry, but, taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom with your camera phone is for 13 year old’s on MySpace.

  • ADC

    He looks like one of those 1960s cartoons, where the body builder men would have huge upper bodies, while they’re lower half would be oddly tiny.

  • James UK

    And the first hymn on Sunday will be:

    “I feel like chicken tonight!”

  • Sexy Rexy

    He’s rocking that Fashion Fair Foundation in the fourth pic.

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