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Let’s Share: When Did You Realize You Wanted Different Genitals?

Erin Armstrong’s poll isn’t exactly scientific, but the transgender former Mormon’s little quiz on when her trans viewers knew they “were in the wrong gender” is worth a peek — because it confirms the obvious: Most of us, whether L, G, B, or T, know we’re different at a very young age.

“From my basic experiences of talking with other transfolk,” Erin writes, “it seems like most people began to act or notice acts that were contrary to their assigned gender in the early childhood or pre-teen age ranges. But while the results may not be surprising to me, the conversation that came up around it was. It was pointed out to me on the forums that the question for this past weeks poll was very vague. When did you KNOW that you were the wrong gender? That can be interpreted in may ways. I’d initially meant it to ask when you first started to feel/identify with the gender opposite your birth, which to me would be early childhood. However, when I KNEW that I was in the wrong gender happened when I met my first transsexual friend at the age of 19. The point here is that while I may have wanted to be a girl from a very young age, I didn’t realize that I was in the wrong gender until I realized I could change genders.”

That explanation also makes sense not just for Ts, but for LGBs: From a very young age you may have known you felt attraction toward the same-sex, but never realized you could live that way until you encountered a real-life scenario.

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