Let’s stop comparing GOP newcomer Madison Cawthorn to Aaron Schock

Everyone’s talking about Madison Cawthorn, the 24-year-old political newcomer currently running to represent North Carolina’s 11th congressional district.

On Tuesday, he beat Donald Trump’s pick, Lynda Bennett, in his state’s Republican primary. If elected in November, he will become the youngest member in Congress.

Since making national headlines this week, the young Republican, who, as far as we know, identifies as straight, has captured the imaginations of gay men across the country, in large part because of his thirsty Instagram page.

Some have begun drawing comparisons between him and Aaron Schock, the former Illinois lawmaker who also has a thirsty Instagram page and who spent his political career pushing antigay legislation only to come out as gay years later after being caught on camera making out with a guy at Coachella and reaching down a man’s pants in Cabo.

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Toasted ???

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Here’s what folks are saying…

It should be noted that Cawthorn doesn’t identify as gay and is actually engaged to a woman named Cristina Bayardelle, who he regularly posts photos of to Instagram…

Now, weaponizing a person’s sexuality never ends well for anyone.

LGBTQ activists have spent years fighting for equality and getting mainstream society to view them as equals. Accusing someone of being gay in an effort to discredit them or bring them shame is counterproductive to decades of hard work.

According to his website, Cawthorn is a “pro Trump, pro life, pro 2nd amendment” Republican who supports religious freedom, opposes universal healthcare, and doesn’t want to let immigrants into the country. He’s also running against a retired Air Force colonel and former judge who is way more qualified for the job.

Surely we can find something to criticize him for other than the fact that he gives off Aaron Schock vibes.

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