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Let’s Talk About General Hospital‘s Male Prison Rape

General Hospital — which belongs to a genre of television programs whose moral code allows for women to rape men to get pregnant, and men to rape women to get them to fall in love, without anyone batting an eye — has finally let character Michael Corinthos, 17, speak about the prison rape he suffered months ago. I’ll save you the extraneous plotlines that even I’m struggling to follow, but know that Michael, played by actor Chad Duell, was raped in prison by Carter (who was then murdered) — an experience that left Michael unwilling to let another person be sexually violated (see the first scene in this clip). Michael mounts the courage to tell Jason, practically a brother to him, about what happened in his cell. Michael blames himself for what happened; Justin advises him otherwise. In another scene Michael also talks to his mother about it, saying he “didn’t want anybody to know this”; she responds that she wants to get him “the help you need.” (For a longer look at he episode, see parts 1, 2, and 3.) A soap opera finally taking a responsible approach to forced sex? Maybe it does get better.

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