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Let’s Talk About General Hospital‘s Male Prison Rape

General Hospital — which belongs to a genre of television programs whose moral code allows for women to rape men to get pregnant, and men to rape women to get them to fall in love, without anyone batting an eye — has finally let character Michael Corinthos, 17, speak about the prison rape he suffered months ago. I’ll save you the extraneous plotlines that even I’m struggling to follow, but know that Michael, played by actor Chad Duell, was raped in prison by Carter (who was then murdered) — an experience that left Michael unwilling to let another person be sexually violated (see the first scene in this clip). Michael mounts the courage to tell Jason, practically a brother to him, about what happened in his cell. Michael blames himself for what happened; Justin advises him otherwise. In another scene Michael also talks to his mother about it, saying he “didn’t want anybody to know this”; she responds that she wants to get him “the help you need.” (For a longer look at he episode, see parts 1, 2, and 3.) A soap opera finally taking a responsible approach to forced sex? Maybe it does get better.

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  • ChiGuy76

    This is great that a mainstream TV show is handling male rape in such a manner. Normally, male rape is the punchline of a prison joke or not taken seriously in the media. Sadly though, in reality, many male victims of rape are not taken seriously (at best) or down right dismissed (at worst) more ofthen than not by victims’ support groups and counselors. Maybe such a storyline, handled in a serious way will help change the minds of Middle America on this subject.

  • justnow

    @ChiGuy76: i agree mostly but disagree with middle america… its america as a whole that needs to learn that, even hollywood makes it a punchline

  • greenmanTN

    How many times have you seen a movie or TV show where the “good guy” cop is interrogating a male suspect and either threatens that he/she will make sure the suspect is in the same cell as a huge inmate with a reputation for male/male rape (Often named Bubba for some reason)or comments that the other inmates are gonna “love” the suspect because he’s so cute? I haven’t really counted but it seems as if I’ve seen that scene at least 100 times. Heaven only knows what the results would be to a poll question about prison rape because, based on how it’s usually treated as either just deserts or comedic in our media, getting raped is part of the criminal sentence in the American mind.

  • Steven

    Good for GH! Very well done.

  • aalan brickman

    Male rape happens more than we know….it is a form of bullying..

  • Lexi

    Good job by GH. I kicked the soap addiction a long time ago, but this makes me want to watch my boys again.

    And I know I’m nitpicking here but Jason is like a father, not a brother, to Micheal. Considering that for the first few months to a year of Micheal’s life, Jason pretended to be his father.

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