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Let’s Talk About How Cute Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Boyfriend Justin Mikita Is

OH SNAP — Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson steps out with his (new?) boyfriend, the actor Justin Mikita, at the ELLE Women In Television in Los Angeles, and again at an Entertainment Weekly party. Something tells me Justin’s IMDB profile is about to get a bit more robust!

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  • kayla

    Umm…yeah…different strokes for different folks…I just don’t get the cuteness….But all power to Jesse and his new boyfriend!!

  • christopher di spirito

    Good on Jesse.

    His boyfriend looks just like the actor who played Spock in the latest Star Trek movie with hottie Chris Pine. I can’t remember his name.

  • kayla

    @christopher di spirito: Bite your tongue…I have lusted after Zachary Quinto….Has dreams about Zachary Quinto….Fantasized about marrying Zachary Quinto…And this boyfriend of Jesse’s no Zachary Quinto!!!

  • kayla

    @christopher di spirito: Umm…I mean, bite your fingers….cause you’re typing, not speaking…..

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Is it just me, or does Jesse look better in real life, than on TV? Isn’t it usually the other way around?

  • Jeffree

    Both guys look plenty fine to me. And it’s beautiful to see two, out, handsome couples in public doing what other couples do (well, except most of us don’t have to pose for photos.)

  • Jeffree

    Oops: I meant to say “an out, handsome couple”.

    But seeing *two* out couples would be even better, gotta say.

  • Ass

    which ones the man?

  • Smartass

    Both. Both are men.

  • meego

    This is just a cover-up. Ferguson’s real boyfriend is Zachary Quinto.

  • Gray

    He has enough brow in one eyebrow for two eyebrows.

  • Mitchell

    I’d suck it!

  • Lays

    @Meego, nope Zach Quinto is dating that cutie from Glee, Jonathan Groff. But I do think that Zach used to date Jesse if I’m not mistaken.

  • Righwingers are sociopaths (John from England)


    You’re not but he isn’t dating Groff! That’s someone else in Star Trek-it was that blind item wasn’t it? It said definately not Zach Quinto.

  • whatever

    Justin dated a friend of mine for years, always thought of him as tool. A social status climber

  • Walker

    Jesse is very cute in real life, and was cuter before they “bear’d him up” for the show (not that bears can’t be cute, I just think that Jesse was better looking during his twinkier days.) Jesse is also decently equipped, at least flaccid (he was nide throughout “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.” His boyfriend is also cute. But I do find it disappointing that someone as attractive and intelligent as Ferguson is apparently another guy who is only interested in younger guys. Justin may be a climber, but it won’t matter if Jesse dumps him in a couple of years for another 20-something, anyway.

    BTW, other articles call Justin a lawyer. Why does Queerty say he’s an actor?

  • Herp

    Justin is definitely cuter than this unflattering picture portrays him to be…

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