No homo?

Let’s talk about ‘g0ys,’ gay men who are so opposed to anal sex that they’ve created a little club

What is a g0y?

According to Urban Dictionary, it’s “a guy who finds men attractive, but for whatever reason is offended by the stigmas that currently define the ‘gay community’ in the public psyche.”

G0ys shun effeminate behavior because they thinks it’s “cowardly.” They also refrain from calling one another things like “girl”, “bitch”, or “queen.” But their biggest hangup is anal sex. They don’t believe in it because they think it’s a “violent act” that represents “the ultimate form of sexual disrespect.”

The website, which labels itself “Ground ZER0 in the ‘UNgay’ Paradigm Shift!,” calls the whole g0y movement “an explosively popular awakening among men in general – sweeping the globe.”

The site explains:

Our well reasoned positions regarding basic, male sexuality have taken to task both: religious “fundamentalists”, -and- the “liberal gay leftists”.  G0YS are among the healthiest men of any demographic on the planet, & sexually transmitted diseases are a virtual non-issue. How can this be? G0YS, by our very nature, reject ALL anal-fetish related acts! And, we strongly discourage physical intimacy with others who reject our mindset.  This mental trait lowers our risk of perilous sexually transmitted diseases by: 1,250,000% (vs. the men who call themselves “gay”)!

Don’t ask us where they got that figure.

The word “g0y” purportedly comes from ancient Hebrew and is spelled with a zero instead of the letter “o” for a few reasons. First, the g0ys say, it is to create a “departure from stereotype.” explains, “A term was needed that had some meaning behind it, while being simple enough for people to remember; — plus stir some curiosity.”

Also, they don’t like the letter “a” because that’s the first letter in the word “anal” and they really. don’t. like. anal.

“The term needed to confront sloppy theology that supports “everything gAy” — including Anal,” says. “G0YS reject Anal-Sex! It’s dirty, dangerous & damn – disrespectful of masculinity.” says:

According to the CDC, condoms fail about 2% of the time during analsex.  On a 360 day year, assuming only 1 screw a day, that’s 720 buttphucks (360×2 partners).  720×2%= 14 condom failures. Since it only takes (1) failure to spread a deadly STD/STI, that’s 1300% overkill.  Last time I saw an overkill factor like that it was tied to the nuclear weapons program.  Have 1/14th of a nuclear war & everyone is still dead. Ironic how the penis resembles a missle….

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.

You see, AnalSex is ALWAYS a VIOLENT ACT. ALWAYS. And did I mention that it’s VIOLENT 100% of the time?  The FACT (say “FACT”) is that the human rectum (whether male or female) is NOT designed to be used as a dick-dock.  Every single occurrence of that act damages the recipient in some fashion as well as creating a conduit for disease that is some +5000% more contagious than even 0ralSex (according to the CDC & World Health 0rganization).  It’s +5000% MORE FUKK’N CONTAGIOUS on top (pun) of ALWAYS being INJURIOUS to the physical structures in the recipient!

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  • Paco

    You can still get the common STDs through oral sex. Anal sex isn’t the only way to transmit. Yes they can live in your throat.

    If you are turned off by anal, that is fine. Just be careful you don’t begin to sound like anti-gay right wingers spreading bad information.

    • ColorMeColorado

      Exactly Paco. I match up to the characteristics of the group, but I’d never insult someone who wanted to do anal as their choice for intimacy. They sound a bit absurd, like jock footballers who don’t like the fem gays and want you to know they’re manly men who just happen to like other dudes body parts, just not the hole! Lol. Ugh.. and again, there’s lot of gay who share their basic characteristics, but we don’t belittle our FELLOW LGBTQers

    • Paco

      And what they consider “violent”, I consider to be the most intimate physical act that can happen between two men.

      Sex with these “g0ys” sounds like it would be no more exciting than masturbating by yourself to some porn.

    • adam_stevens

      These men aren’t concerned with any of that.

      They are concerned with straight society liking them even half an ounce more because they don’t poke other men in the no-no hole, or worse, have it done to them. eek!

      That’s as deep as this goes. Desperation to assimilate.

      I don’t like anal and don’t engage in it. But I don’t give a toss if you do. These ‘men’ are making their rejection of anal sex their identities. Weird at best.

      They call effeminate behavior ‘cowardly,’ yet these men are so desperate and weak and NEEDING people to know they don’t take it up the rear, that they went and made up a really gay name, made it into a group, and joined it.

      In the end, (no pun intended) what really needs to be said about these men that they haven’t already revealed about themselves?

      For a bunch of manly men so grossed out by a-holes, they sure do know how to behave like one, no?

    • David Myers

      You mean like TROLLS? They sound exactly like that! Making decisions about your own sexual life is fine . . . trying to impose their decisions on others through ridicule or judgement is exactly like homophobic TROLLS!

    • G0YSMOD01

      Actually: According to the CDC, WHO & every other major world health organization, AnalSex is +5000% more perilous than even 0ral. Yeah. Even Slate did an article about it. This is why the American Red Cross still has a ban on “gay” blood donations: Because a man who self identifies as “gay” is a whopping +4300% more likely to be carrying a serious STD than the population at large. Source for these stats was the CDC, W.H.O. & ARC in addition to Slate magazine’s reporter William Saletan’s article “Ass Backwards”. No doubt about it: G0YS are the moral high-ground. Deal with it.

  • Fredrick Bertz

    My former roommate got gonnorhea in his throat. Have fun with your internalized homophobia and oral STIs.

  • Donston

    Gay and gay-leaning men have been promoting self-hating, separatist propaganda like this for many decades. They resent that being gay pulls them away from hetero comfort and the nucleus of main culture. If you hate the word “gay” and everything that comes with it then why not just say you’re homo or homo-dominant (like myself. Although, I identify as homodominant for much different reasons)? These types have been hiding behind “bro culture” and/or aggressive masculinity and/or half-baked bisexuality forever. Instead of working to undermine homophobia and stereotypes and highlight the variations they take the easy route and just try to remove themselves from that struggle altogether.

    Ultimately, if your sexual attractions lie with men or if your substantial and sustainable sexual attractions and passions are with men then you’re gay or gay-leaning. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter how masculine you are. Doesn’t matter if you’re attracted to masculine or more effeminate men or both. Doesn’t matter if you like sports. Whether you bottom or engage in anal. Whether you can manage to stick your penis into girls. Whether you are monogamous or more in slut territory. Doesn’t matter who you like to socially engage with. Etc. But these guys are so desperate to feel better than others, so desperate to undermine every stereotype (although they are stereotypes) and are often so full of self-hate and an incredibly convoluted ego. It is what it is.

  • barkomatic

    All of them will end up having butt sex once they move on from this phase.

    • paul107

      Not necessarily. I’m gay, never wanted to have anal sex but I would never have a go at the people who do like it. Ultimately it’s down to choice anyway so why have digs at others because it is or isn’t their thing?

    • nathan_dostal

      paul107-so youre celibate? Because every gay guy-even these fake goys-want to be phucked

    • Heywood Jablowme

      @nathan_dostal: How do you know that? You’ve met every gay guy in the entire world?

    • stevetalbert

      Once they learn how to clean up properly and remember to have a towel handy.

    • Kangol

      @nathan_dostal, maybe paul107 has oral sex, mutual masturbation, frottage, various kinds of BDSM, uses dildos on others, and so on. There are many options out there beyond anal sex, though if done right it can be very pleasurable, whether you’re giving or receiving.

    • dwes09

      Actually, according to statistics a significant percentage of gay men never engage in anal intercourse, and that has been true since long before the emergence of HIV. The “g0ys” (if they still spout the same BS on their website as they did years ago) believe that the most authentically masculine act for men is frottage. Personally, I find that the least intimate, least exciting and least likely to result in a hearty orgasm.

      I wonder how they analyze the heterosexuals who engage in anal intercourse, which is not terribly uncommon among them. There are even women who use strap-ons on their husbands occasionally.

  • charles_bell

    This was an interesting read. Their math is pretty bonkers but I’m sure they’re happy you’re reporting on their rando press release.

    FYI: Just because there are two people involved, it doesn’t mean that 1 screw can simultaneously be counted as 1. One screw a day for 360 days is 360 screws, 360 condoms, 360 chances for failure. I know they don’t believe in anal sex but it doesn’t seem unreasonable for them to know that you only need one condom to screw one time even though there are two people. Then again, these are the same people who think syphilis and gonorrhea aren’t transmitted through oral.

    • stevetalbert

      They say 360 x 2 partners. They actually mean 1 butt sex in the mornibg and 1 ass sex in the afternoon. Twice a day. Their holes are twitching. Thats why they are worried about explosions.

  • cattac

    I’m glad they’ve labeled themselves. It will make it easier to avoid crazy.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Whenever I’m asked what the biggest myth about homosexuality I always answer the straight fascination with male penetration. Not every gay man, for whatever reason, enjoys being effed and there are plenty of ways to achieve organism without anal. Chacun a son gout.

  • Seth

    Just when I think I’m running out of things to point and laugh at, hipster goils.

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    Was that the best term they could come up with? Goy is a term for a non-Jew.

    It could cause problems to go around calling yourself a goy. You’d sound like a StormFronter or something, especially in this political climate.

    • dwes09

      Goy means “nation” in Hebrew. It became a pejorative reference to gentiles in Yiddish, and can beused so in Hebrew as well. In the Tanakh (what you call the old testament) it always refers to a nation.
      This group has been using that term for years, and i cannot understand why.

      By the way, there are a surprising number of gay men who support the storm front philosophy, there have been gay Nazi groups for years (oddly enough). they tend to call themselves gay or queer or fags. They both fetishize the look and embrace the political philosophy and have their own hookup sites. I’m surprised you are not familiar with them as they seem to adore regressive politics and all things Germanic.

    • adumbrodeus

      I mean, given they’re a femshaming group and one of the central Jewish stereotypes is that we’re effeminate and weak*…

      It’s not stormfront level, but it’s really gross. And they got it from hebrew.

      *not implying either are bad, rather that it weaponizes societal biases on those topics.

    • adumbrodeus

      And Dwes, goy is neutral period.

      It only got branded pejorative by non-Jews due to the majority disliking minority groups using their own terms to describe the majority. It’s the exact same reason a lot of people consider “cis” derogatory.

      Gentile on the other hand, is latin, one of the goyim’s languages…

  • Jaxton

    The gOys do not identify as gay as far as I know. They are regular guys who enjoy bonding with the male form. Identity politics is not their style.

    • nathan_dostal

      but they suck each other off so….

    • RoughRugger

      Yet they decided to make up a new label to identify themselves by.

      Look, when gay men (and make no mistake, these ARE gay men) bend over backwards to let everyone know they’re “regular guys” or “not a stereotype” or “totes masc, dude” or “not like THOSE gays,” they might as well just come out & say they’re self-loathing gay homophobes.

    • G0YSMOD01

      Good observation JAX. However – rather than the stripped down hear-say commentary so prevalent here, I’d encourage discussion among respondents only after actually visiting the entire g0ys .org website. They’ve covered ALL of these “counter-arguments” quite well and with over a decade of dealing with “critics” – the g0ys have amassed a substantial global audience (as well as beating the arses of the religious reich with an exhaustive breakdown of the Bible for Jews & Christians alike on the subject of same gender attractions and why the Torah forbade analsex – not same-sex affections).

  • adam_stevens

    So, all bottoms, then?

  • Godabed

    So what i am getting from this is that these are a bunch of straight dudes who are afraid to be gay. They will suck each other off but any butt stuff is just gross..

    Wow internalized homophobia is some serious sh!t

  • whirlaround

    In my experience, g0ys tend toward being guys who grew up in religious homes and were trained to think of sodomy as evil, but they’re still attracted to men. They get into why their upbringing was “right,” and then you get a g0y.

    • RoughRugger

      Kinda like the xtian girls who call themselves “virgins” because they’ve only had anal…

  • PinkoOfTheGange

    So these guys are more boring then the guys that didn’t realize “Str8 Acting” was at best a misnomer. At least most St8 Acting had He Heels and some could throw a good…in a pinch.

    Honestly celebrating classic homophobia, is just odd.

  • stevetalbert

    And here all this time i thought goy meant a non jew

    • stevetalbert

      They shoukd talk to some japs about blow jobs.

  • BriBri

    I doubt these guys even have genitalia let alone an anus.

  • nowliveit

    I wish information could change prejudiced minds but we know that doesn’t work. Hate is a stronger force within people for those who live that way. Here’s some thoughts :-)

    1. Why is the human body designed with so many nerve endings in the anus that deliver pleasure when touched right? There are the same number of sensory nerves in the anus as in the penis. It seems to be the way our bodies are designed.
    Is your reasoning skewed by a bad sexual experience?
    Google: The Sexhalation Method for bottoming
    “With its high concentrations of nerve endings, the anus can produce extreme agony when it is mistreated. Yet it can also be a source of great pleasure”

    2. Why is the male g-spot, the prostate, located in the anus? The only access is through the butthole. Again, it is the way we are designed. Doctors say that men should have a prostate massage as it helps to drain stagnant fluids.
    This could be a key factor for older men having prostate and ED problems.

    3. You are aligned with republicans. You want to stop and judge what happens behind closed doors between adults. Stay out of my bedroom. The g0y chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans.

    4. How can this happen in the animal kingdom, in most or all species, and not be natural: Gay pride: Two male lions seen ‘mating’ at wildlife park

    In this era of fake news, I wonder if this is anti-gay propaganda born in Russia or domestically and implemented through armies of posters to disrupt our flailing attempt at cohesion and unity as a community. You never know…

    • dwes09

      Like everything else in the natural world, the human body was in no way ‘designed’, but evolved over millions of years. And some aspects of our bodies are simply artifacts of evolution for another purpose. I suspect that is the quite possibly the case with the pleasure of anal intercourse. However, there is apparently a quantifiable benefit to having both men and women who do not marry outside the family, so homosexuality is theorized to have an evolutionary advantage for families and the small bands/tribes in were the predominant social organization through most of our history. It seems (in western civilization at least) homosexuality was not demonized until very recently (3000-6000 years ago) with the rise of monotheism.

  • Kangol

    I love how Graham Gremore, as usual, finds some anti-gay outlier and then magnifies it into an article, provoking lots of clicks and responses. Hey, I’m even wasting time posting here myself because this piece is so nutty. The vast majority of gay men across the globe would reject the nonsense in the article above, even if they do not have anal sex. It is so over the top, including the name, which is basically “goy,” that it seems like a hoax. Maybe it is. It’s really anti-sex and anti-gay, though. Strangely, this site posts a lot of articles like this. Why?

  • paul107

    nathan_dostal Actually no I don’t want to phucked. No interest at all but as I say I have no issue with people who do. Don’t think you know me because you don’t!

  • Texasholdem

    At least they had the decency not to connect anal sex to colorectal cancer.

    • G0YSMOD01

      AnalSex is connected to an explosive increase of HPV which IS clearly linked to colorectal cancer.

  • robert_moore

    I have tried being a bottom. It didn’t do much for me other than being really intimate with someone, but I do love to top. I guess that means I’m violent man although I’ve always been diligent about not hurting the man who is letting me in. These men just seem to be in need of a good therapist to address their irrational fear.

  • yaletownman

    When someone is so insecure with themselves and what is right or wrong with them that they need to form a club and be “against” something then there is a problem. It has gone beyond right and wrong and entered into the realm of self hatred. Self hatred finds relief in finding allies by which they can war against what they perceive is outside them but is really inside them.

  • Liam

    How surprising: another divisive LGBTQ subgroup busy telling everyone else they have to be just like them — what to do, how to think, and how to live. No, thank you.

  • Chris

    Is their subtle implication that anal is fem? Let’s see…..I’m ex-military, a body builder and love sports. Oh yeah, I LOVE anal, both top and bottom. Meet me and tell me I’m fem. I challenge you.

  • eeebee333

    Are you sure this isn’t from The Onion?

    • Kangol

      It could be. It sounds like a hoax or joke to me. It’s also pretty anti-gay in its “health” rhetoric.

  • Kevin

    Give me a break. Fear is fear no mater what you call it. Get over yourselves. #stupidisasstupiddoes

  • retrocub

    This is most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.

  • Jaxton

    The anus is not designed to be invaded. It contains feces and heaps of E Coli bacteria. It’s an exit point for toxic waste, not an entry point for Willy Wiener.

    Women develop urinary tract infections because their anuses are a very short distance from the opening of their urethras. E Coli does that.

    The g0ys are challenging the anal ethic that is so beloved of some gays.

    • wolfman6

      If you have e. coli, you’d be seriously sick all the time. Where did you learn that fake fact?

    • GeorgiaGyrl56

      That the anus contains feces I’ll give you.
      That there is bacteria in it I will also give you. (there’s bacteria of some kind in every orifice in the human body.)
      I’ll give you that women develop urinary tract infections, but when you try to tell me that
      “Women develop urinary tract infections because their anuses are a very short distance
      from the opening of their urethras”
      there I have to say something!
      E coli does not cause urinary tract infections. Where on earth did you get that from? True, infections can develop IF a woman who has anal sex does not
      1. Clean herself out well enough anally
      2. Has vaginal sex immediately afterwards, and
      3. He does not thoroughly or worse, doesn’t at all, clean himself off before entering her
      It can happen, but it’s not caused by e coli.
      How do you figure that women get urinary tract infections because of the two being so close together? If that were the only thing that contributed to infections every woman on the planet would be walking around with a UTI all the time, even those who don’t have anal sex! There are many things that can contribute to an infection, and I sincerely hope you don’t have a sister, or a niece, or someone close to you who is trusting your ‘knowledge’ to keep her safe.

  • gaspacho

    This is horrible and empowering all sorts of homophobic issues. Anyway, last time I looked anal sex was all the rage in the most manly section of the straight community. and the receiving girls seemed to be having a good time too. These guys are a bunch of repressed self hating idiots

    • G0YSMOD01

      G0YS reject AnalSex in all gender-mix contexts. The .org website is clear about that. To quote: “G0YS detest the concept of playing in another person’s ass. We’re not the only group that feels this way; -And you’ll notice I used the gender-neutral term “person”, & not “guy”, — because whether male or female … AnalSex is a dangerous fetish. Many people consider it immoral because the practice is by far the primary vector for spreading STDs globally. This point is made in multiple places on this site because the stigma around the peril is predominant in the public psyche, — butt guys into the practice of anal seem oblivious to that fact & exhibit a general callous disregard for the safety of themselves & others by their acceptance of such dangerous actions. The language such guys use to address other guys into AnalSex is likewise gender degrading: “Girl”, “Bitch”, “Queen”, etc. Simply: more evidence that there are elements in ‘gAy’ culture that deride masculinity, & do not know how to treat men with respect in general. One writer observed that the ‘gAy male culture’ seems schizophrenic: On the one hand idolizing hyper-masculinity, & on the other hand seeming preoccupied with ‘drag’. Bizarre role models result in bizarre group behavior — hence the preoccupation with anal-fetishes. However, just a great meal does not involve a bowl of shit for dessert; — Neither does making love to another guy have anything to do with his anus.”

  • OzJosh

    WOW. A bunch of gay guys who have found a way to institutionalise their homophobia AND use it to demonise and discriminate against other gay guys with a healthier, more evolved attitude to sex. They truly are a movement for our (sick, twisted) times.

  • Jaxton

    The bacteria E Coli are “normal flora” that reside in your gut. So long as they remain undisturbed in your gut, they are quite content and won’t harm you. They will even help your gut.

    However, once you poke things in there, E Coli are transferred and become infective.

    • alanballs

      oh really. Have you ever heard of “fecal transplants”? Do some research about gut flora…..

    • wolfman6

      The E Coli in your gut is a non-invasive strain that does not make you sick. If you ingest one of the bad strains you will get sick and/or die. The E Coli in your gut does NOT “transferred and become infective.”
      Where the hell are you getting your facts? You are as bad as the religious right who makes things up about gays to make others think we prey on children, etc. If you’re going to site facts, make sure they are indeed facts. And facts that can be verified, because there are plenty of ways to find out that what you’re saying is just bullshit.

  • alanballs

    Yet another topic over which to be divided. Again, I’m SO grateful that I live outside the USA. You currently have a screwed up government, a screwed gay ‘community’ and a screwed up society. Hopefully it’s temporary, and not terminal. Where I live, “0” = bottom and “1” = top….and both are just fine.

  • Chip2Stan

    Looks like Queerty got trolled by a ten year old hoax. This isn’t a thing, nor was it in 2007, and whoever came up with it might just have an interest in helping splinter the queer community.

  • Herman75

    So do they allow sucking k0ck? Because, that’s where the peepee comes out. I get it that some men take time to figure out they have a sex organ back there. Nowadays, more straight guys get it. Come on G0ys!

    What about that Website? Sheesh.

  • Theweatherman

    There’s a lot of self hatred in the gay community. To each his own. It’s just the nature of society to splinter off into cliques, but one would hope that there would not be more judgement when our community is already harshly scrutinized.

  • Josh S

    I’m likewise masculine, don’t tend to call other men “girl”, “bitch”, or “queen,” and also don’t care for anal sex — but I don’t need a special club to make me feel superior. This article made me laugh, after reading this at the beginning: “G0ys shun effeminate behavior because they think it’s “cowardly.” The reason I laughed is that all their succeeding statements supporting their beliefs are incredibly nelly, haughty, pontificating, and insufferably faux intellectual. I kept imagining them clutching their pearls and calling for their smelling salts, the poor delicate dears. Two words: Puh-leeze, Mary.

  • mujerado

    I’ve been a gay man in the community for 50 years. I know who these “g0ys” are; they’re homophobic gay men. Nothing mysterious or new about their attitude. It differs in degree only, and not in kind, from any other judgmental homophobe out there. They’re just making a new exclusive club so they can avoid being lonely. I’ve seen that attitude too.

  • seaguy

    How about they just call themselves pathetic cause that’s what they are.

  • thomas prentice

    NIMBY doesn’t mean “Not In My Backyard” anymore, it now means “Not In My Butthole”? Is that right?

    This new boy band g0ys, don’t they know that this is a matter you speak about intimately with a lover, a sexual partner, a date, a or a trick — you NOT ORGANIZE A HIGH SCHOOL KEY CLUB ABOUT IT let alone get an album cover fashion shoot and a publicist to get you into the Advocate — to see how many stupid people you can con … ike the transgenderist transgenderism anti-feminist , female-hostile movement.

    These little bastards are the Mel Gibson’s of Queerdom; Mel was once quoted as being rather protective and, well, tight-assed about the subject. So we have little skinny little bastards telling queers that, while they are not Queer, they are showing us the way to be, well, QUEER. Where QUEER is, well, UNQUEER. Or NOT-QUEER or OTHER as the philosophers might say, which, of course, puts ‘mos back where they started at before Stonewall. Thanks, guyz.

    Meanwhile, preppy Village People with carefully manicured facial hair sporting neither “village” nor “people,” your 15 second are up, over and out.

    P.S. “Goy” is indeed a Hebrew word, still used, NOT merely ancient, which means “other” as in “Not Jewish” – often used as an insult to non Jews. Goyim is the plural.

  • G0YSMOD01

    I’ve read the comments here on the g0ys and seen that many misrepresent the g0ys website. I’d suggest that – rather than offer commentary on g0ys from hear-say made by others here, – that you visit the actual site and start with the link titled “No Apology”.

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