Let’s Track Down Mark Samnath’s 3 Gay Bashers (Who Videotaped The Assault)

Mark Samnath, a 24-year-old gay man from the Ft. Lauderdale area, is reliving his Dec. 30 gay bashing as he works with police to find his three attackers. Who may have videotaped the assault.

A 24-year-old man recalled on Tuesday in harrowing detail how three men filmed themselves punching him in the face after they called him “faggot” and “gay boy.” Surveillance video released Tuesday by the Broward Sheriff’s Office shows one of the attack suspects leaving a Walgreens, at 8790 W. McNab Road, before the incident at about 4:30 p.m. Dec. 30. Authorities are asking the public to help track down the man.

The victim, Mark Samnath, of Tamarac, said the attack, in a residential area northwest of West McNab and North Pine Island roads, left him with two small visible scars. Also, he said, he’s been emotionally scarred. He said he is fearful about walking around his neighborhood in the afternoons. “I’m nervous around that time,” Samnath said. “I’m hoping they catch these people.” Samnath, who said he is openly gay, is convinced his sexual orientation motivated the attackers. Under Florida law, that makes the attack a hate crime, the Sheriff’s Office said. The classification elevates the crime from third-degree felony to second-degree felony battery, and conviction carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. “When they are caught, these assailants will face enhanced penalties for their crimes,” Sheriff’s Cmdr. Rick Wierzbicki said in a statement.

And can we give CBS Miami props for some responsible reporting? They didn’t call him a “homosexual.” Nor did they describe him as having a “sexual preference.”

[Sun-Sentinel, CBS Miami]

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  • jackpacer

    Americans have a right to bear arms. I have a permit to carry a concealed gun on my person. If I am ever attacked, I will defend myself. Its time we bash the bashers, if one attacks me, it will be their last time bashing anybody.

  • alejandro

    @jackpacer: because killing them is the right thing to do??

  • playasinmar


  • Francis

    If someone is coming up to you, and looking as if they are going to attack you, you have the right to defend yourself. If 3 people are coming up to you with the intent to attack you, in my eyes, all bets go out the window. Especially when you live in states in the south where most hate crimes happen, you need to protect yourself and realize the unfortunate reality you ain’t safe being gay in these states outside of some areas. It’s kill or potentially be killed at that point.

    I’m not a big fan of guns, but in general, if someone attempts to bash you, you need to come at them 20 times harder and send a very strong message, that you aren’t the one to mess with.

  • AFruit4Thought

    It would be just my luck that I’d hurt the basher and get slapped with a lawsuit or assault. Our laws on self-defense are confusing at best. I abhor violence, but if someone attacks me, I worry that I would use unnecessary force in my attempts to protect myself.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    And the thing is, we all don’t have to carry guns–if a gay basher is confronted by one queer with a gun, they will be wary of all of us. When you don’t know who may be carrying, you avoid everyone just in case.

    And truthfully, most of these guys are cowards, which is why they travel in packs. Pull a gun on them, especially their leader, and watch them scatter like cockroaches.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    From what I understand about US law in most states is this–you can strike someone in self defense once. If they stop attacking you, you must stop hitting them. If your attacker does not stop after the first hit, you are permitted to keep defending yourself until they stop.

    But as you said, US laws are confusing, and many a criminal have successfully sued the very people their were trying to attack. Even here in Canada, some time back a homeowner was charged when he shot the burglar, who broke into his bedroom in the middle of the night. The home owner was charged with attempted murder; weapons charges including discharging a weapon within city limits. All the sorts of charges that are suppose to put criminals in jail, were levied against a home owner defending his family and home.

  • Cam


    Oh no, it’s SO much better to just lie back and let them kill you “Eye Roll”.

  • mark

    @Francis: i agree with you 100% if i would have known that it was going to happen they i would have been better prepared for myself

  • mark

    @jackpacer: i am not going to lie i am reconsidering that thought because i am tired of being discriminated for being gay

  • mark

    @Francis: thank you for that thought i agree i come from nyc and i never experienced anything like this in my life.

  • mark

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: yes that is true cause the black and indian boy as well as the latino boy were lighter than me, i would have beaten them up single handed but they knew that and they came from behind

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