Levi Crocker Allegedly Jumped At O.K.C. Gay Bar Over Hatred Of The A-List

Levi Crocker—the cowboy Cassanova of LOGO’s The A-List Dallas—says that he got attacked by four men at an Oklahoma City gay bar last night just because they hate his show. One even allegedly busted a barstool over his head.

Cripes, we’re not entirely crazy about the show either, but that doesn’t mean we gotta kill someone over it.

Crocker posted several messages on Twitter including a shot of his bleeding head after the alleged attack. No word yet on police or other news reports.

If Crocker’s story checks out, it will mark the third act of violence against an A-List: Dallas cast member—the other two belonging to resident gay Republican Taylor Garrett, the reported victim of a window breaking and a car scratching-slash-face punching.

Back 2 Stonewall‘s Will Kohler, who originally broke Crocker’s story, wonders, “Does Crocker’s assault prove that it’s not really politics but LOGO TV’s horrible stereotyping and ignoring of the LGBT communities objections… that is causing these current problems?”

It’s more likely that drunken, bitter thugs are to blame. But we’ll keep following the story just to make sure. In the meanwhile, you can see Crocker’s barstool injury after the jump (if you really want to).