Levi Crocker Allegedly Jumped At O.K.C. Gay Bar Over Hatred Of The A-List

Levi Crocker—the cowboy Cassanova of LOGO’s The A-List Dallas—says that he got attacked by four men at an Oklahoma City gay bar last night just because they hate his show. One even allegedly busted a barstool over his head.

Cripes, we’re not entirely crazy about the show either, but that doesn’t mean we gotta kill someone over it.

Crocker posted several messages on Twitter including a shot of his bleeding head after the alleged attack. No word yet on police or other news reports.

If Crocker’s story checks out, it will mark the third act of violence against an A-List: Dallas cast member—the other two belonging to resident gay Republican Taylor Garrett, the reported victim of a window breaking and a car scratching-slash-face punching.

Back 2 Stonewall‘s Will Kohler, who originally broke Crocker’s story, wonders, “Does Crocker’s assault prove that it’s not really politics but LOGO TV’s horrible stereotyping and ignoring of the LGBT communities objections… that is causing these current problems?”

It’s more likely that drunken, bitter thugs are to blame. But we’ll keep following the story just to make sure. In the meanwhile, you can see Crocker’s barstool injury after the jump (if you really want to).

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  • Wordsmith

    As a (former)drunken, bitter, douche bag thug, I’m insulted.

  • Cam

    What is it with this show and lying? First didn’t this guy lie about how much money he had, and now claiming a barstool was smashed over his head?

    It’s a shame if he got jumped, but if three people jumped in and he had a barstool smashed over his head my guess would be that he would have been tweeting from a hospital bed while the police were taking the report.

    I think the problem with these A List folks is that they thought they were going to be worshiped for being on TV. Fame is a double edged sword, if you are a douchebag, fame just means that more people know you’re a douchebag.

  • kawneekwa

    Dat his real name or jus sum made up shit. Levi Crocker!!

  • MikeE

    @kawneekwa: it’s his favourite brands of jeans and muffin mix.

  • chuck

    I have wanted to swing a chair at my TV after watching just one episode of A-List (NYC or Texas).

  • Hyhybt

    I’m surprised nobody here has yet claimed he broke the stool over his own head.

  • Mikey D

    It would be interesting to know the details of this. What bar was it at? Was a police report filed? What was the state of inebriation of the participants at the time?

    A-List Dallas has shown Levi to appear very tipsy in a few recent shows and given his DUI arrest, it’s easy to assume that alcohol played a part in the altercation.

    Here’s a weird/quirky thought: —->

    Wonder if “A-List” actors have moral clauses in their contracts?

    (Probably be that they had to live down to a certain standard… :-)

  • KMX

    Maybe they were trying to demonstrate the punchline of that joke about four gay men and a barstool and somebody slipped or stumbled. Could happen.

  • iDavid

    It would be good to know any back story, but if it’s true he was jumped by strangers, I’d say it was the extreme disgust showing it’s true self as to how much that show is hated.

  • timncguy

    who would have thought that enough people actually watch the show that 4 random guys in a bar somewhere would even recognize Levi. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Pygar

    I’m going to take a guess and say it was either Tramps or The Finish Line, the OKC gay cowboy bar. I’m checking with my OKC sources to find out the 411 on this story.

  • Atlas

    Honestly, I would like to smash a barstool over the head of everyone who works at LOGO.

  • FreddyMertz

    I’m in OKC and I’ve not heard of any kind of commotion at any of the bars. Nothing on my friends FB pages that said anything about it.

  • CBRad

    Somebody oughta bash the scriptwriters for real for constantly coming up with these junky storylines.

  • Cam


    I think you nailed it, sounds pretty made up. Like I said before, if he was jumped by three guys and had a barstool smashed over his head he would be tweeting from the hospital after talking to the police.

  • QJ201

    A-List NYC and A-List Dallas: Amos and Andy for a new generation, but without the comedy, just the tragedy.

  • Dallas David

    I’ve never seen the TV show, but it seems like it’s more of a “Troll” to rile people up than anything . . .

  • Juan

    The irony of this sitch – Levi talked smack about the cast mate that was attacked twice, Taylor. So, who do we believe – Taylor, Levi, Logo, or police reports? Karma is a bitch, Levi. Never trash someone when they’ve down and bleeding, like you did Taylor. Or, as you now come to realize, you’ll end up in the same position yourself.

    PS: Just because people hate a show or disagree with someone’s politics is no reason for violence. There’s never a reason for violence. Peace out.

  • FreddyMertz

    Checked all news outlets, crime tracker and police postings..nothing..unless it has not been updated. Gay community here has one strip and it’s a small one, generally speaking, news would have traveled. I’ll wait till there’s a police report to take this seriously.

  • CBRad

    I can’t believe- yet again !- how many of you are taking this seriously, when it’s all part of the script. The writers come up with what’ll happen next even in the characters’ “off-time.” It’s been the best bet to get more viewers.

  • shannon


  • Josh

    wish I had been there – I would have held him down while they all beat on the prissy btch…

  • B

    Regarding the question, “what do you think of this post,” I did a google search
    fo the sentence, “But we’ll keep following the story just to make sure. In the meanwhile, you can see Crocker’s barstool injury after the jump”, mostly because I had seen the phrase “after the jump” used frequently on Towleroad,com and was curious if the article was actually from that site.

    Google reported two links: (with a comment “4 hours ago”) and
    “” (with a comment “Nov 17, 2011”). The articles seem to be identical word for word with the exception of one phrase: “(if you really want to)” on QUEERTY versus “(ya voyeuristic weirdoes)” on

    Guys (and this is meant to be directed to all the sites), we all know that blog sites copy from each other, but there used to be a convention of citing where something was copied from. It’s really important to do that – if the original contains an error and people see the same statement in what seem like a number of independent sites, the error can be taken to be a fact. It’s in the public interest to be able to tell when you are looking at two independent reports rather than a rehash of the same report.

  • Bigg

    I wouldn’t say that this guy deserved to get jumped, but I do think that MTV doesn’t really get how angry their misrepresentation of the gay community has made a lot of us.

  • iDavid

    I doubt this incident, real or staged, would attract viewers for more than one show.

  • MikeE

    @B: Except I could have SWORN that when I read this, this morning at 6am EST, the “after the jump” part DID say “ya voyeuristic weirdos”. I distinctly remember that line. And I know I never read this article anywhere else.

    Which means it was changed at some point.

  • Cinesnatch

    @B: Yet QueerMagazineOnline cites Queerty and if you click on “Read Full Article” it takes you to Queerty. And the tweets appear to be from Friday 11/25 also. This makes the Nov 17th date very strange. Is QMO just some kind of feed that has its dates messed up?

  • Tone

    Hasn’t there just about been an “incident” for every upcoming episode? This has got to be about the unluckiest cast in the history of cable TV.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Holy hell! I didn’t think anyone else knew that joke 8^)

  • DenverBarbie

    “Back 2 Stonewall‘s Will Kohler, who originally broke Crocker’s story, wonders, ‘Does Crocker’s assault prove that it’s not really politics but LOGO TV’s horrible stereotyping and ignoring of the LGBT communities objections… that is causing these current problems?'”

    Assuming any of these events are truth, I am going to go with “C, Both politics and Logo’s declining program quality.”

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    Amazing how many of you apparently love this show . . . but hate the cast so much you applaud violent acts committed against them. Nice crowd.

    And why does the author of this piece, Daniel Villarreal, insist on inserting the word “allegedly” when a crime is committed against someone who doesn’t fit his model of the ideal gay man? I mean, would he have said that Matthew Shephard was “allegedly” killed by a couple of thugs? No way, so why does he do it with A-list Dallas? And how can you people have so much hate in you that you’re vicitmizing our own? Friends don’t believe me that commenters on Queerty are so vile, so I’ve emailed tham and told them to look up this story. It pretty much sums up the internal pettiness gay men show toward one another, like we were nothing but a bunch of bitchy women. Way to show the world our true colors, guys.

  • TJ

    Too bad that Reichen wasn’t there – I’d like to read a story about him getting a beat down also.

  • CBRad

    @TJ: Then contact the writers and tell them to put that in in an upcoming episode.

  • Che' Lucci

    @Cam: che
    This was not an assault on an A-list cast member. this is an almost isolated incident that should have never happened. I was there and I attempted to diffuse this unfair fight by spraying the perpetrators with pepperspray. It was a horrible scene and not only was Levi attacked but two of my close friends Billy and vince. Hope everyone heals up well.

  • jason

    Gay men can be horribly violent creatures. It’s not because of their sexuality but because of their bitterness with the world. It’s usually the self-loathing ones who lash out in violent ways.

  • B

    No. 27 · Cinesnatch wrote, “@B: Yet QueerMagazineOnline cites Queerty and if you click on “Read Full Article” it takes you to Queerty.”

    I didn’t see that at all the first time, possibly because of the gray type, but also the dates suggested that I look for a citation on QUEERTY. QUEERTY may have updated it and changed “(ya voyeuristic weirdoes))” to “(if you really want to)”, which would trigger a
    time change in what Google reports, and also would explain MikeE’s recollection of what he saw earlier today.

    It would be useful to tag articles with the original data plus the dates of any
    modifications – sometimes all the facts don’t come out at once, so it is important
    to know the dates in evaluating early accounts.

    A few years ago, I saw a large number of web sites report the results of the “Hunky
    Jesus” contest in San Francisco. They all copied each other, which you could tell
    because the first guy got the wrong name and everyone else used the same wrong name. Since it looked like you could corroborate the claim about who won by checking multiple sites, others picked it up as well.

  • Ummmm

    Um, I hadn’t heard boo about this, but if Che Lucci is saying it went down… Let’s just say, Che is a OKC fixture ;-D

  • Allen D.

    “And how can you people have so much hate in you that you’re vicitmizing our own?”

    Just because this guy is gay doesn’t mean that he’s not a dick & didn’t have it coming. If ANYONE acts like a dick & pisses people off — things like this can happen. Sure, 4 on 1 isn’t fair. But it happens. If you’re an asshole to the point of someone wanting to hit you, it can happen in a myriad of ways.

    Hell, this guy’s “friends” physically attack him on the show. Is it really a mystery how his behavior & attitude could incite this somewhere else with strangers?

    I wonder how many straight people spend their time decrying the violence that happens to their fellow straights on the basis of “they’re one of our own!!!” “Sure, he grabbed your sister’s tits, but he’s ONE OF OUR OWN!!!!”

  • Will


    QMO had a tech glitch and the dates are messed up. I saw crockers post on Twitter yesterday and posted it. Daniel picked it up today and the QMO picked up Queerty’s feed and misdated it.

  • Mike in Dallas

    Again there is conflicting or questionable information coming from an A-List member that said he was attacked because of the A-List Dallas.

    Levi twitted it was a 4/1 situation with the incident being because of the A-List Dallas show. Che’ Lucci seems to indicate that it was not because of “A-List” Dallas..

    Possibly being tipsy with a concussion can effect one’s memories :-)

    Che’ Lucci (evidently an OKC fixture :-), said that he(?) was there and it was “4 black guys” and his(?) friends Vinve and Billy were involved.

    Evidently Mace(military grade)and ultraviolet marking dye was used by Che’ Lucci.

    Seems the cops did not get too involved and the culprits slipped away.

    Che’ Lucci said that two people quit over the incident and “a lot is going down”… :-)

    Was the bar Tramps?


    Levi Crocker’s Twits!/LeviCrocker

    LeviCrocker Levi Crocker
    I had a huge headache all day, but my head is going to be fine, especially if I don’t start loosing hair anytime soon ;)
    25 Nov

    LeviCrocker Levi Crocker
    It’s sad when str8 people are mean to someone gay. But for someone (or 4 ppl) from the gay community to attack me because of a show is??????
    25 Nov

    LeviCrocker Levi Crocker
    @ifelicious I’m fine, I finished the fight. I’ll never forget that feeling tho. They weren’t straight guys bullying me,they were gays
    25 Nov

    LeviCrocker Levi Crocker
    @ifelicious I got jumped in the middle of a bar in OKC, 4 guys, one busted a barstool onu head
    25 Nov

    LeviCrocker Levi Crocker
    Thank you for busting a bar stool on my head… I was a bit sleepy and need a little pick me up
    25 Nov


    Levi Crocker’s Facebook

    Che Lucci
    I hope your head is gonna be ok. Sucks what happened last night. When the fight broke out I ran back there and maced those mofos! take care!
    Like · · 23 hours ago · (Nov 26)

    Levi Crocker For real? After I got hit With the stool things were pretty blurry for about 5minutes
    19 hours ago

    Che Lucci yes Levi. when all those black guys ganged up on you and my friends Vinve and Billy I ran from the bar and sprayed their asses with pepperspray/cs military tear gas and ultraviloet marking dye. I believe you quoted..oh hell, ive been beat on the head by bigger bulls than that! LOL
    2 hours ago

    Levi Crocker Sounds like something that came out of my mouth… haha well I’m upset the cops didn’t get more involved and all of them slipped away some how. I will live, the headache is gone and I appreciate your help. I saw the comment you left on the bar’s Facebook and it sounds like a big problem
    2 hours ago

    Che Lucci Indeed. And plenty is going down as a result. This should not happen repeatedly and two people have quit since. Take care mister
    2 hours ago via mobile

    Jake Yo and tramps was such a friendly place…
    2 hours ago


    No. 34 · Che’ Lucci

    @Cam: che
    This was not an assault on an A-list cast member. this is an almost isolated incident that should have never happened. I was there and I attempted to diffuse this unfair fight by spraying the perpetrators with pepperspray. It was a horrible scene and not only was Levi attacked but two of my close friends Billy and vince. Hope everyone heals up well.
    Posted: Nov 26, 2011 at 6:05 pm

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Allen D.: Because you don’t approve of his behavior, he’s fair game for a violent attack? Really? I don’t know whether to think you’re a selective hater or just a sociopath, but in the end, you (and many of the other commenters here) have one seriously fucked-up view on why someone deserves to be attacked. SERIOUSLY fuckep up. Let’s just hope no one ever disagrees with you and is just as justified in perpetrating violence against you, because I suspect you suddenly wouldn’t believe violence is quite so justifiable, would you?

  • Inquiring Mind

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Dear Politically Incorrect Thug.

    Levi Crocker Allegedly Jumped At O.K.C. Gay Bar Over Hatred Of The A-List

    Did you see where Che’ Lucci disputes Levi’s claim that it was over hatred of the A-List Dallas show?

    Seems like a proper usage of allegedly to me… :-)

    I for one didn’t doubt that an incident took place, but just rather the spin that Levi was giving it.

    It would be real nice of Che’ Lucci if he(?) wanted to flesh out the context of the incident a bit more :-)

  • Juan

    I just can’t let go of the fact that this guy, Levi, dissed the little guy Taylor, when he was jumped. The kid had to go to the hospital after the second attack. I think he owes Taylor a public apology.

  • Zack

    Oh please, it’s a bar full of gay men. The worse that could have happened was he held done and dressed in clothes from Sears.

  • Allen D.

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: You know what the HUGE difference is? When I meet people, I treat everyone with respect, politeness & am not a fucking dick. So no, I’m not worried about myself AT ALL.

  • RedAssault

    Yeah. I’ll bet.

    I’m SURE that happened, too. Like… totally. Just like that.

    He was like totally minding his own business, not acting like a total douchebag. and WHAMMO… someone hit him over the head with a chair.

    (what’s more likely is that he walked into some bar thinking that being the “star” of some vile reality show should earn him special treatment and when he didn’t get it, Betty Crocker threw a bitch fit and poked the wrong cowboys. Picked a fight he couldn’t handle and then went crying to Twitter before calling the police.)


    I watch “A-List-Dallas” and I admire Levi, he’s a self made man and supports himself and makes his own money…….so it took 4 men to jump him and do the things that they did to him………One thing that I want to know, Did it MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A “BIG” MAN TO DO IT………..4 really, why 4…..your all cowards and I hope that if it did happen that you get caught and are punished the full extent of the law……Way to go Oklahoma, and I was born and raised here just as he was……makes me feel good knowing what you did! ! ! 1 was too scared and 4 was enough……thats just ignorant!

  • Ray

    I think it was an attack by violent republican fags. I demand GoProud be investigated immediately.

  • Ray

    I think it was an attack by violent republican fags. I demand GoProud be investigated [email protected]Juan: And where did you read Taylor went to the hospital. I haven’t seen that anywhere.

  • Juan

    @Ray: Can you prove it? Did they say something, deface someting, or leave something with a hate message. Stop the hate with yourself, now.

  • Z-List Dallas


    Che Lucci said it was 4 Black guys & a Barstool vs Levi, Che Lucci (with Military Grade Mace & Ultraviolet highlighter) & her friends Vince & Billy. 4 v 4

    It would be nice if she could give us more context and the time frame of who entered the fray.

    Seems like Levi’s tipsiness as evidenced by recent A-List Shows, his DUI earlier this year, in addition to his possible concussion leave his rendition a tad suspect.

    @Ray: @Ray:

    Ray, I don’t know about it being GoProud – not sure that those 4 black guys that Che Lucci said were the culprits fit the GoProud profile… :-)

  • Ray

    @Juan: I can prove just as much as GoProud can about the Taylor “attacks”.

  • Juan

    @Ray: Stop the hate. You advocate hate and violence because you don’t agree with someone’s politics or religion. My brother is In Afghan. right now so that you can be prejudice here at home. Haters do nothing productive, they’re just destructive.

  • Ray

    @Juan: You brother’s next stop should be Uganda because the GLBTs there need someone to protect them from the Kill the Gays bill which the republicans instigated there. So no I wouldn’t cry over some little republican ass getting his ass kicked if it had really happened.

  • Juan

    @Ray: You are scary. I’m worrying about my brother’s life and you are trivializing it? You think because someone is a Republican they should get their ass kicked? Go take a look in the mirror, you need to see some truths that you’re missing, and they’re not pretty. Watch the hate karma dude, what you send out comes back to you. Just ask Levi.

  • Juan

    @Juan: PS: I’m a Democrate and don’t want to see anyone one hurt because they’re in another party. PPS: Lincoln was a Republican, I guess you’re real happy how his life ended, huh?

  • Cee

    Levi is a douche bag. I’m supposed to believe he was randomly attacked my multiple people at a bar because they don’t like the show?? Right. And I was born yesterday. Tell the whole story and stop playing victim. I’m sure they attacked you because you were being your usual immature, disrespectful trashy self.

  • Chadboy

    Sounds like a desperate attempt to get press for a bad show. I don’t believe this happened the way it is being depicted.

  • CBRad

    @Chadboy: ALL the attacks connected with that show have been publicity stunts. The writers arrange these things to happen with the actors. The way all these guys are debating whether this was real or not is just…embarrassing..

  • michael

    Can we just call the bullshite out for what it is? So someone trashes ur car and knocks u to the ground but u refuse to file a police report. Three men attack u n a bar but u don’t file a police report. Yet each time u broadcast it asap on the web. Logo needs to quickly get a grip or they’ll permanently be the laughing stock. These obvious bullshit allegations made by these posers towards the LGBT community are, in my book, good enough reasons for them to have their assess kicked

  • CBRad

    @michael: No! Kick the writers’ asses ! they’re the ones doing it.

  • Inquiring Mind...

    Just curious…

    Does LogoTV pick up the bar tabs while filming episodes or allow the actors to expense it?

    Do they insure that the actors are not tipsy and able to drive in a safe manner?

  • Gigi

    Who is Levi Crocker? What is the A-List? Logo? I’m confused.

  • Cam

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Said…..”And why does the author of this piece, Daniel Villarreal, insist on inserting the word “allegedly” when a crime is committed against someone who doesn’t fit his model of the ideal gay man? I mean, would he have said that Matthew Shephard was “allegedly” killed by a couple of thugs? No way, so why does he do it with A-list Dallas?”

    And once again here you are…representing the supposedly “Tough” party, the party of the military, the republicans….and how do you represent them? With an endless list of postings saying “Boo Hoo, the meanies pick on us!”

    Here is a thought….nobody said that the crime against Matthew Sheppard was ALLEGED because the police were the ones making the initial report. THEY reported that a crime had been committed.

    However with this incident, ….
    1. No police report was released
    2. No hospital report
    3. No evidence beyond this person’s tweets

    Guess what…legally that means the crime is ALLEGED!

    And while you’re attacking this site and every other gay person for making judgement calls, you may want to take a hypocritical step back and wonder why you always blindly defend anybody who happens to have the same political leanings as you.

  • Cam


    Gee, a brand new account coming on and crazily yapping in support of this guy.

    Looks like Levi was scanning google to see if his Tweet was reported anywhere and then came on here to post….just sad.

  • disgusted american

    at this point in history…the beginning of the 2nd decade of the 21st century…for any gay person to be republican – is as bad as a Jew for Hitler or a Black person for the KKK……I dont watch this show, and refuse too.

  • Cam

    @Henry: said… “@Cam, if you must reply to a racist shitbag like Politically Incorrect Thug (a black-hating Jew) then don’t link to his post. You don’t want to give him visibility.”

    Actually he let it slip once on here that his father made some remark that got some press. From there it was pretty easy to figure out who his father is. His dad turned out to be a Baptist minister. It’s interesting that you attack him as being “Black Hating” and then call him a “Jew”

    It’s interesting for 2 reasons.

    1. You use “Jew” as if it’s an insult which is quite bigoted, especially when you are attacking him for supposedly not liking blacks.

    2. It isn’t true…so do you just attack all people you don’t like by calling them “Jews”?

  • Henry

    @Cam: the word Jew isn’t an insult, Cam, and from what I know, he is a Jew. I don’t call non-Jewish people Jews. I’d have to see the remark and the replies to it to comment on who his father is. I would be interested in reading it if you have a link to give me.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug


    Your presumptions are downright hilarious. Jewish? Me? I was raised an atheist. Cam’s right that my father, an elected official, did get bad press back in the early 90s for a public comment he made, but it was so low-key that it was forgotten in a few months, so you wouldn’t have a clue who he is. And he’s never set foot in a church, much less been ordained as a minister, and yet, you geniuses think you have it figured out who/what I am. Just more proof that liberals think they know everything, but are woefully uninformed (hmm, something like the “occupy” protesters). Thanks for validating my view of you. Please, please keep it up.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Levi and Company are lying scumbags.

    I thought “The A-List New York” was rock bottom. Little did I know LOGO had “The A-List Dallas” in the sub-basement.

    Reichen, Austin and everyone on that stupid NY show but Mike were grotesque twerps that did the LGBT community no good. But you certainly didn’t see or hear of anyone throwing rocks through their windows or bomping them with barstools. Why? They weren’t worth the trouble.

    Amd neiter are these creeps from Big D.

    “The A-List” (both incarnations) makes “Jersey Shore” look like “Masterpiece Theater.”

  • Mike in Dallas

    Further update on Levi Crocked bar fight, it *was* at Tramps… :-)

    Evidently is was caused by Levi’s attitude per Che Lucci of OKC…

    Per Che Lucci’s Facebook page

    Che Lucci
    what an interesting thanksgiving to say the least. thankyou to all the wonderful cooks who brought delicious food to Tramps Okc yesterday. yum. and it seems the A-List Dallas cant leave its drama in Dallas. The bar brawl in the bar last night was unnecessary, everybody knows youre a cutie Levi but apparently the attitude is not. anyhoo, replacing the starter on my car right now…have a blessed day my friends!
    Like · · Friday 11/25 at 12:03pm

    Che Lucci well him and Vince and Billy got dogpiled by the same black guys that always start shit in Tramps. and they dont believe in a fair fight…there was like 20 of them! I maced their asses!
    Friday at 1:05pm · Like · 6

    Daniel Weaver Yeah that wasn’t fun, I had Levi in the bathroom, head gushing blood. Had no idea who he was at the time. Pretty bad gash on his head.
    Friday at 1:14pm · Like

    Che Lucci Sucks. He is cute. But they piled on Vince and that’s a no go !
    Friday at 1:18pm via mobile · Like · 1

    Fabio Cotza so..freaking ugly!!!!!! What are you guys making such a big deal out of the crooked nose always drunk piece of trash [email protected]!!!!…
    Friday at 1:32pm · Like

    Che Lucci Im just mad cuz my two good friends were ganged up on. I could care less about Levi lol
    Friday at 1:34pm via mobile · Like

  • Cam

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: said…

    “And he’s never set foot in a church, much less been ordained as a minister, and yet, you geniuses think you have it figured out who/what I am. Just more proof that liberals think they know everything, ”

    And once again, the guy who constnatly cries that he’s being picked on has to bring everything back around to attack some group he hates.

    Hey genius, your dad’s political bio in one of the papers listed him as an ordained minister from what I read. Perhaps he did it because he couldn’t get elected in a southern state as an atheist, or it was a misprint. Whatever the issue, reading what was written and then passing on that information here has nothing to do with what party I’m registered in. But again, you constantly cry that republicans are picked on, and yet you turned a personal error on my part…made while I was defending you, into an attack on liberals. I would say that your behavior pretty much negates any future attempts you will try to make claiming that you never attack people based on their party or political beliefs but everybody attacks you…that is, unless you want to be an incredibly obvious hypocrite.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Cam: Wow, when I said please keep up the misinformed rants, I had no idea you’d be so eager to prove me right. You state, “Your dad’s political bio in one of the papers listed him as an ordained minister.” Really? If that’s the case, and your clever detective work has you convinced you’ve found me out, then what’s his name? You’re so sure you know all about me and my family, then surely you can disclose the name of this ordainded minister whose loins I’m supposed to come from, no? If you can, I swear to you I will be humbled and leave and never post another thought on this site. However, I suspect you fabricated the whole “ordained minister” thing or have completely misidentified me because, well, that’s what liberals do when they’re backed into a corner: They make shit up and invent lies to make their opponents look bad. Case in point: Henry requested a link to my Jewish-minister father’s info, and you have yet to do so.

    Again: Prove me wrong and you’ll never hear from me again. However, prove me right and . . . well, I’ll be the decider of my reward.

  • Cam

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Wow, nice deflection…you didn’t say keep up the misinformed rants, you said “Just more proof that liberals think they know everything, but are woefully uninformed” Additionally, I previously posted that PAlin would never run because she could not handle a debate against Bachman. You attacked me and said that I and liberals hate strong women. I pointed out that I said nothing but that Palin would lose a debate to Bachman, and how was that anti-woman, and you never responded. So you almost NEVER make a post on here where you do not use the word “Liberal” as a target insult, while in the same post you cry about how conservatives are always attacked.

    As for the Baptist minister comment. I have a question. Since I already said that was my mistake, AND I wasn’t using it to attack you, but rather to defend you from somebody who was insulting you, why are you pretending it was an attack? More victomhood from you? That is your favorite dance it would seem.

    As for who your father is….

    Virginia state Senator Warren E. Barry began his keynote comments by referring to “‘the Clinton fags-in-the-foxhole’ policy and then joked about how Mr. Parris, when he was in Congress, seemed to be constantly at odds with the officials of the District of Columbia, who are mostly black. He recalled that Mr. Parris had once called a bridge leading from Washington to Virginia ‘the longest bridge in the world because it connects Virginia to Africa.’ He went on, with a laugh, to say Mr. Parris sought to rename the bridge ‘Soul Brothers Causeway.’”
    Your dad is a really eloquent speaker.
    So you make judgement calls on all liberals, attacking them. Should we make judgement calls on you? It seems you were raised by somebody who hates “Fags” and “Soul Brothers”. But let me guess, he really LOVES “The Gays” and “Blacks” doesn’t he? Yeah, him outing you to the press to defend his comments wasn’t self centered of him at all.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    Touche, my friend, touche. You got me, I concede. And I will keep to my word—you won’t be hearing from me on this site again. Please allow me to say that, despite his comments, my dad honestly isn’t racist or homophobic, he was just trying to humor the present crowd (as all politicians do), and if you look up his record in Va. you’ll see that he was a very moderate Republican who sided with Dems many times to the chagrin of his fellow Reps. While I still defend my myriad opinions, this is a win on your part, no question. I challenged you, and, much to my surprise, you showed me you knew exactly what you were talking about. It’s been fun, and I mean that in the most sincere way, because I love a good political debate (and you rank among the best on this site who’ve challenged me), but now that anonymity is an impossibility for me, I’m outa here.
    Be good.

  • Cam

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Actually, I figured out who your father was quite a while ago and I really did not want to “Out” you on here because I think that opinions on the site aren’t as easy to express when one person is anonymous and the another is known, and besides, knowing who your family was had nothing to do with your postings or opinions.

    As for your comments about your father, in truth you would know him and I only know that little bit about him from an old newspaper so of course I take you at your word about his opinions.

    Perhaps we will argue again if you get a new screename. ;) Stay opinionated, it’s been quite fun.

  • Ogre Magi

    @Cam: Wait so Senator Warren E. Barry really is the father of Politically Incorrect Thug ? How did you find that out?

  • xander

    @Cam : Wow, that was amazing research. Hats off to you and the civility you showed in the last rounds.

    @PIT : None of us are accountable for our parents. Our opinions may be shaped by them, but as adults we may choose what to believe and what to reject. I can sympathise, for reasons I’ll not divulge here.

    Your fellow Republican and frequent Queerty commenter (aka Riker) has consistently been able to express his opinions with logic and facts AND without resorting to name-calling. I hope you’ll consider his attitude and strategies if / when you should decide to post again here or elsewhere.

  • Riker

    @xander: Thank you for the compliment.

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: Sorry to see you go. If you do want to come back, I would suggest waiting a few weeks and then returning with a new name. Also, tone down the rhetoric or you’ll be easily outed. If you want help, email me at [email protected] I’m a Wikipedia administrator, I know a lot about sockpuppets and cleanstart accounts.

  • Allen D.

    @Riker: So, coming back under a different name would still be him ‘keeping his word’? I’m looking forward to a nice, long (dare I dream – forever?) break from his victimization rhetoric. Although if he didn’t stand behind his promise, as a son of a politician – who would be surprised?

    I hope he DOES actually keep his word and stays away.

  • Native Dallasite

    @Riker: Sockpuppets!?

    Isn’t that the name for those Republican candidates that have been in debates lately? Newt seems to have possibly found one of those “cleanstart” thingies… *grin*

    On another subject- seemingly unrelated to this thread:

    I think Levi was dumb cause he allowed lots of witnesses to dispute his tale of the poor little “aw-shucks” cowboy being manhandled for his “A-List” status in OKC. It turns out that Logo Tv may have cast more true to type than first imagined. :-)

    Chuck Norris is one Levi’s idols, but I wonder if he’s even aware of Mr. Chuck’s stances & actions regarding gays?

    *Simply* loved the recent pic & post of Levi “packing heat” that he put up- hope he has a carry permit if he’s stopped for DUI again.

    Taylor, the bow-tie wearing, porcelain china-doll-faced-one may have been somewhat more cleaver in that he *seems* to not have had any direct witnesses to his events so they can be spun to maximum effect personal & political effect.

    – especially since he didn’t allow the Dallas Police to do proper PES.

    If Taylor had not immediately sent photos and the story to The Daily Caller in time for them to get the story out the very next day and emphasized that he did not want publicity on it at the same time, it would have been a tad more believable.

    He seems to thrill in being used as a tool of GoProud to highlight the Evil-Gay-Left and having only met Ann Coulter a few months ago, lists her as one of his idols on his personal Facebook page.

    Given the manipulation that we easily see on camera and the drunken fame/agenda seekers that make up some of the cast, it would be stupid to take nearly anything at face value.

    It’s just so neat-o to watch the self-destruction of individuals and the characterization of the Dallas Gay Community.

    As I go about my Non “A-list” life shopping at Kroger, visiting the Library (the real one, not the drinkie one :-), I can’t help but gaze over at the Ilume and see it now as some Cathedral to the “A-List” life.

    In a letter to Cathedral of Hope asking about it’s participation in the “A-List” filming, I got the following response (in part):

    “We certainly recognized the possible pitfalls of our participation, and we discussed it internally for some time, but we felt that the benefits to minister publicly outweighed the association with “reality” television. In the end, we decided to truly embrace and live out our mission statement of “Reclaiming Christianity as a faith of extravagant grace, radical inclusion and relentless compassion.” Our doors and our arms are open to all in our community, wherever they may be in their faith journey and however they may be hurting.”

    It makes me wonder about the truly “A-List” things that are actually done in Dallas, like the food pantry & resource center.

    A-List Dallas Cast Angering Gay Community

    One of the A-Listers Philip Willis approached me and my friends and asked to donate $20 for some raffle tickets which I instantly reached into my pocket and gave him $20. I asked Philip what were they raffling off and he stated “it doesn’t matter, it’s for a good cause; it’s for all those poor old sad people.” I asked who he was referring to and he just winked and said “you know…them.” I replied “no, I don’t, who are you referring to?” He said, “you know, those ones who have AIDS.” My response to him was “I am HIV positive, and I’m not poor or sad.” His mouth dropped opened and just walked away without saying a word.

    – just some food for thought

  • Cam

    @Ogre Magi: said… “@Cam: Wait so Senator Warren E. Barry really is the father of Politically Incorrect Thug ? How did you find that out?

    LOL, well in spite of what the person I was arguing with may have thought, I actually did read entire posts from him. He mentioned a few minor things that, when put together seemed to point to Senator Barry. Again, I figured it out months ago but didn’t want to strip his anonymity until he said to prove it. That should be a lesson to all of us that the web isn’t as private as we may think!

    Thank you Xander!

  • Ogre Magi

    @Cam: Wow, you should be a private eye!

  • Henry

    Politically Incorrect Thug is a liar, and, although he may not be Jewish now, he was born a Jew. This reminds me of what he said a year ago about eating kosher once he left his mother’s house – her pussy is the only pussy he’s ever had.

  • o

    @Henry: You can tell that Politically Incorrect Thug is a Charles Rozier clone and lapdog – the insistent hatred of gays, Jews, and blacks is front and present. But he lacks the gusto and the forced enthusiasm that Charles has.

  • Henry

    @o: I dunno, o. How can he Thug hate himself when he IS Jewish? Oh, I see. He’s self-hating. Unlike Charles Rozier, who’s non-Jewish and hates all Jews because they’re different from him.

  • Marty

    I think Levi is a flirt and most likely had 2 many spoons in his kettle! His pic shows he has a big fat beer can size cut cock. In all fairness why 4 queens against one cowboy? This sounds like 4 black fame whores who didn’t get invited to the prom!

  • Riker

    @Henry: @o: Speaking of sockpuppets….

    Also, STFU with Charles Rozier crap. Nobody knows or cares who that person is, so stop dragging it into every thread you comment in.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I watch the Alist Dallas. Levi is the WOW FACTOR of the show. If it wasn’t for him, there would be no show.

    Oklahoma City – your just jealous he’s getting so much action.


  • Jared

    I think it’s really crappy that happened to him. But I was at the bar that night and talked to levi. He was shitface drunk and talking crap to the wrong people. It was not an act just because he is on the show.

  • robco

    I don’t approve of this type of violence. I don’t care how much trash someone talks, it doesn’t justify that.

    That being said, I’ve never watched more than ten minutes of either version of “The A-List”. Then again, I don’t watch any of the Housewives shows on Bravo either (but I love Tabatha, what can I say). I agree that Logo seems to be fishing here, desperate to gain ratings. As excited as I was to here we got an LGBT network, the programming has become somewhat lackluster. There’s not a lot of substance. Then again, the hetero media isn’t exactly doing a bang-up job on that score either…

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