Levi Johnston To Grace The Pages Of ‘Playgirl’ Once Again, Going All The Way This Time


He’s baaaack!

…Or is he?

Unwed mother of two Bristol Palin’s (first) baby daddy, Levi Johnston, is rumored to be in talks with Playgirl about doing yet another nude spread for the adult magazine.

According to, the 25-year-old father of three is up to his eyeballs in legal bills and he needs cash stat. Playgirl is willing to help him out, but there’s a catch.

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This time the magazine wants him to go full-frontal. That’s right, folks. None of that unsatisfying side butt with a hockey stick action we got the last time around.

“Levi has an opportunity now that he was won the custody case with his son to show how hot daddies can be,” a rep for the magazine told Naughty Gossip, “we’re currently in New Orleans doing a Daddy model search.”

But some are saying the rumors simply aren’t true.

According to sources, Johnston’s wife, Sunny Ogelsby, insists her man will not be taking off his clothes for the camera. Others say the story is being planted in the blogosphere by the ever-classy Palins in an effort to smear Johnston.

Honestly, it could go either way with this crowd. But until we hear otherwise from Johnston’s official camp (if he even has one anymore), we’re going to keep dreaming it’s true.

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