Levi Johnston’s Broke, American Horror Story Updates, Basketballer Tweets HIV Results, And More!

Bristol Palin babydaddy and Playgirl cocktease Levi Johnston, 22, is broke after tearing through the $1 million he earned in public appearances and his memoir, Deer in the Headlights. He’s now moved in with his mother, recently jailed for dealing prescription drugs, and awaits the birth of his second child, this one with new squeeze Sunny Oglesby. [Radar]

Basketball player David Clowney of the Buffalo Bills took the odd step of posting a picture of his negative HIV test result on Twitter. It’s either incredibly tacky or a helpful way to dastigmatize getting tested. [CBS Sports]

Details have emerged about the new season of American Horror Story, which will include some new cast members and take place in a mental hospital: “The new season is set in the 1960s and Chloe Sevigny, for example, plays a character who was put in an asylum because she was a woman who likes sex… Another character is institutionalized for being a lesbian. To me, there’s nothing more scary than somebody coming to you and saying they’re going to take you away and put you in a mad house and you have no legal rights and there you shall stay till the end of your days. That is a real horror.” Joining Sevigny are Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine and Six Feet Under‘s James Cromwell, as well as returning cast members Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson. [Vulture ]

Stephen Ira Beatty, the transgender son of actors Annette Bening and Warren Beatty “He suddenly misses his feminine side, dressing up and wearing make-up and jewelery.”  [The Daily Mail]

Rumors are Showtime’s reality show Gigolos is going man-on-man: Executive producer Richard Grieco (yes that Richard Grieco) is ordering big changes in the new season—including “requiring at least one of his gigolos to go gay for pay this season.” [Showtime]

 Photos: Playgirl, FX