Levi’s Is Bringing Back The Hanky Code Just In Time For Pride


The 1970s are making a comeback.

Levi’s just announced its new its limited edition Pride Collection for 2016, which is being produced in partnership with the Harvey Milk Foundation. The collection includes Harvey Milk t-shirts, tanks and ringer Ts, plus Pride-themed jorts (jean shorts) and trucker jackets. But our favorite part of the collection are the colored paisley print handkerchiefs.

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Long before Grindr and gay chat rooms, gay men had the hanky code. First adopted in the early ’70s, the hanky code was a way for guys to discreetly signal their preferred sexual fetishes, positions and interests. In 1972, Larry Townsend published The Leatherman’s Handbook which delineated what each color meant. The book was a huge hit and ultimately ended up being rereleased 11 years later as a revised edition.

Check out the new Levi’s hankies and our translations of what each one means…

Yellow hanky 771380917-front-grid

Translation: “I’m into water sports. And, no, I don’t mean jet skiing.”

Pink hanky


Translation: “I have an impressive collection of large rubber objects back at my apartment. Would you care to see?”

Dark blue hanky


Translation: “I’m very anal… And not in a retentive way.”

Light blue hanky


Translation: “There will be an oral exam at my place at 3 p.m. sharp.”

Red hanky


Translation: “Fist pump!”

Green hanky


Translation: “My undying affection can be yours… for a price.”

Orange hanky


Translation: “All of the above. (Anything goes!)”

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