Lezzie Landline Opens in China

Continuing down their relatively progressive path of homo-inclusion, China will soon unveil a hotline for those of the lesbianic persuasion. While the country has a hotline for gay men, the Chiheng Foundation funded hotline hopes to combat the dearth of lesbian-geared resources.

Yang Shanping, who works for the Foundation, explains:

In the past, we noticed that lesbians needed extra help compared with gays…Most people don’t know what kind of support lesbians need most…We have heard that when lesbians try to seek legal and psychological help, they cannot find the proper person or organization.

Unfortunately, the hotline lacks the funding necessary for wide availability. Thus, the hours have been set for Saturday from 2-4pm.

Fortuitously, new research proves that on Saturday from 2-4 post meridien, the powers of Lesbianica are at their peak. The great Vagina God opens her beautiful, flowery mouth and releases the Lezzie faeries, who sprinkle dyke dust throughout the land. It really is quite a magical sight, especially in the spring.