Lezzie Teen Legal Trouble

Obviously we were intrigued by the headline, “Atlanta teen charged with murder in suicide attempt”. How can you not wonder exactly how a girl’s botched self-snuffing would end up with her being charged with taking another’s life? And, the fact that we found it over at The New York Blade means there’s a queer twist. Incredible!

Our demented thirst for media violence, however, was quelled as soon as we read the lead paragraph:

Louise Egan Brunstad, 16, reportedly distraught over being rejected sexually by another female student at her high school, now faces felony murder and aggravated assault charges for allegedly trying to commit suicide by crashing the Mercedes she was driving into an oncoming car and killing the mother of three driving the other vehicle.

The headlining irony collapses under such tragedy, don’t you think?

Initially, police were treating the incident as a routine traffic accident. The lesbianic truth, however, came out from a series of text messages from Brunstad to a friend and her Sapphic crush saying she was going to kill herself.

Yikes. Technology strikes again, huh? Actually, it seems as if technology strikes twice in this particular case: Brunstad’s so-called dyke-persona comes only from this high school crush and a MySpace survey in which she says “of course” she’s kissed or hugged another girl.

Regardless, another terrible example of the closet’s nasty powers.

If this were yesterday, we’d find a way to say it was “totally frightful” or something, but it’s not…

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