Lezzy Mag Growing, Showing

Good news for all you literate lesbians!

California-based Jane and Jane, a rag dedicated to “sophisticated living for lesbian lifestyles,” announced yesterday that it’s breaking its West Coast chains and going national.

The mag, originally birthed in May of 2006, began as nothing more than a local publication, but the lesbians loved it so much, that the publishers decided to expand to the rest of the Golden State and, finally, the rest of the nation. While many magazines are facing ad decline and paper’s increasingly becoming a thing of the past, co-publisher Debbie Wells remains confident in her decision…

We recognize the risk we are taking with this transition but have faith that it is the best decision for us, as well as for the lesbian community as a whole. Currently, there are not many lesbian titles available on a national level and we believe strongly that Jane and Jane will be filling a much-needed niche.

If there’s one thing lesbians know how to do, it’s find – and fill – a niche. And by “niche,” we mean “vagina.” So, one could say that Jane and Jane will be filling our national, media-oriented vagina. Could, not should…