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LGBT Acting Class Involves More Crying, Fewer Hugs Than Ex-Gay Therapy

Dammit! The New York Times has discovered another one of our secret enclaves. Reporter Erik Piepenburg braved the $300 weekly acting class called Act Out. Run by acting coach Brad Calcaterra (pictured, center), it’s a place where “GLBT actors are encouraged to expand and create powerful work based on who they really are and what they really feel.” Like group therapy, explains the Times: “During a recent session students sat before a video camera and answered Mr. Calcaterra’s sensitive yet forward questions about sexual histories, family relationships, discrimination and other personal issues. In several cases students cried, or they expressed hostility toward Mr. Calcaterra. The result was like a series of brutally frank, often humorous miniature solo shows about embarrassing crushes, first loves and locker room beatings.” [photo via NYT]