Kiss, Kiss

LGBT Brazilians Pucker Up To Protest Pope’s Visit

Pope Francis made his first papal trip to South America  Monday, heading to Brazil for World Youth Day, where he was greeted by thousands of well-wishers — and a gay kiss-in. LGBT demonstrators along the papal cavalcade smooched with their partners as the pope wended his way through the packed streets in protest of the Vatican’s policy on — well, really, where do you start?

This won’t be the first beijaco, or kiss-in, during the pope’s visit. LGBT protesters will be kissing during the pope’s major address on Thursday  on Copacabana beach.

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, rumor is that the newly appointed head of the Vatican Bank has offered the pope his resignation. According to an Italian publication, Monsignor Battista Ricca has had a long-standing relationship with a Swiss Army guardsman and was alleged to have been caught in several “compromising positions,” which included being caught in an elevator with a hustler. The brouhaha over Ricca’s flamboyant past seems to prove that may actually be something the Vatican can’t turn a blind eye to. Now if only the same could have been said about its pedophilia scandals.

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  • tchuy03

    C’mon this is no way to protest the The Holy See, I understand that we require recognition from the Holy Church but dialogue not protest will work.

  • 2eo

    I’d prefer a rifle given what catholicism has done to the world and the crippling pain it has caused hundreds of millions.

    @tchuy03: Shut up, they’re murdering us, shooting us, [email protected] thousands of children every day and you think dialogue is working?

  • MK Ultra

    I agree with 2eo. Dialogue is just for show with these people. They only care about money and power and will change when that money and power is threatened.
    I mean, the Vatican took the unprecedented move of kicking the old fucker off the throne and replacing him with a more “marketable” one(not to me, but to the impoverished masses) because their fortune and influence was threatened.
    And protest like a kiss-in is great PR for us.

  • Fwan

    Usual moderate/conservative people tend to critizice all forms of opposition, including peaceful protests.

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