LGBT Streaming Network Debuts With “Horrible” 10-Hour Marathon Of Host Reading Tweets

We tip our hat to Cnidarian, the genderqueer host of The Gay Tweet Reader—the first show on GSN101.com, a new full-time live-streaming site aimed at the LGBT community.

On Monday, when none of the other planned broadcasters came through on the site’s first day, Cnidarian (right) volunteered to do a 10-hour marathon session, in which the host shared random tweets from GSN101.com’s news feed. Cnidarian took only seven 15-minute breaks during the entire live feed and read more than 400 tweets from various Twitter profiles.

“We know that The Gay Tweet Reader show is horrible, but its all that we have right now,” said GSN101.com lead producer L. Johnverrell in a statement. “We are thankful for Cnidarian but we have hopes that the gay community will notice us and we will have broadcasters to stream more entertaining programs.”

Hey, no one knows better than us how hard it can be to produce nonstop content on the Web.

Of course the haters popped up to rain on GSN101.com’s parade: Six viewers had to be ejected from the Gay Tweet Reader chat room for using anti-gay slurs during the broadcast.

“Sometimes a little straight hate can lead to gay love”, Johnverrell says. “We aren’t giving up. We’ll keep showing what we have until we get more broadcasters. Its tough but we know that once the gay community starts to notice us they’ll enjoy the website.”

Got the itch to be the next streaming star? Broadcasting on GSN101.com is free and right now all they have is The Gay Tweet Reader, which will air in two hour blocks Mondays and Wednesdays at 1pm and 9pm EST.

C’mon, join in the fun—and let Cnidarian take a vacation, for crying out loud!