LGBT Non-Discrimination Bill Dies Quick Death In Utah Legislature

Welcome to UtahA bill prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity died in the Utah Senate before it even could even come to a vote: Senate President Wayne Niederhauser (R-Sandy) said yesterday he wouldn’t bring SB 262—which offered workplace and housing protections to the LGBT community—up for debate because it hadn’t garnered sufficient support in chambers.

“I’m disappointed there won’t be a roll call vote,” said Sen. Jim Dabakis (D-Salt Lake City) the state’s only openly gay legislator.  “But that’s the way it goes in politics.”

SB 262—which cleared committee in a 4-3 vote last week—went further than many similar measure introduced  over the past six years, and supporters say they’ll bring it back next year.

The Mormon Church, which had actually backed similar legislation enacted in more than a dozen municipalities, didn’t give fight bill, but didn’t give it its endorsement either. (You don’t get much passed in Utah without the LDS Church signing off on it.)

Some of folks who did openly oppose SB 262 say it would’ve given special rights to the LGBT community—you know, the kind of protections already afforded to people because of their race, creed, religion and other categories.

“Everybody should be treated with dignity and respect and be able to work and live based on their own merits and performance and behavior. The problem is when you start putting it into law,” said United Families for Utah’s Laura Bunker. “The problem is it can create a slippery slope toward same-sex marriage.”

Translation: So sorry we need to treat you like second-class citizens, gays—but if we don’t you might get ideas.

Wonder if Laura is related to Archie Bunker?

Source: Fox 13