Rubber ducky

Liam Payne deleted this shower video, but that’s what screenshots are for

A quick skip around the cul de sac of Liam Payne’s Instagram reveals the singer and former One Direction heartthrob isn’t exactly shy.

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And do you hear that?

It’s the sound of nobody complaining.

Rising out the pool like @henrycavill

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But everyone has their breaking point.

For Payne, it’s somewhere between the shampoo and the shaving cream.

After sharing a sudsy shower video to his story (and the 14.5 million Instagram users who follow it), Payne seemed to have second thoughts and deleted the content.

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“Good morning everybody,” Liam filmed himself saying while bathing. “I wanted to just quickly speak to you guys to remind you that I will be performing on the BBC Sounds like Friday Night on BBC One on Friday. I’m singing a different song, as well as Bedroom Floor, so enjoy.”

That video is now lost to the Gods of social media; a fitting sacrifice.

But you can find a few screenshots — archeological relics of this historic event and proof that yes, it really happened, you weren’t dreaming — below: