LIAR: Man Who Claimed Gay Rape Admits He Made It All Up

“A man who told [Florida] authorities he had been kidnapped and raped by two attackers early this morning made up the whole thing, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Investigators are interviewing the 23-year-old man to determine whether he should face charges. The Sheriff’s Office did not release his name. The man reported the crime at about 4:47 a.m., telling authorities two men confronted him at a gas station, beat him up then forced him into a vehicle where they took turns raping him.” [Sun-Sentinal]

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  • afrolito

    What kind of a closet case makes up a rape tale?

  • Maharajah

    Ok, well at least the BSO (Broward Sherrif’s Office) is doing a great job at taking all threats seriously and doing their jobs at investigating such claims. Many other municipalities in Florida would not have been as kind. Anyway, this guys has serious issues if this is what he has resorted to. Let’s hope that he gets the help that he needs to overcome his issues.

  • bobito

    Gee, did he carve a backwards “B” in his face, too?

  • Captain Freedom

    @bobito: It wouldn’t be a backwards B. It would be something like a backwards penis since all gays speak in code. Careful, you might expose our underground agenda!

  • Oaklander

    THIS is the kind of thing that made me cringe at the publishing of the photos of the 4 teens arrested for assaulting that other teen. It’s not that convicted people shouldn’t have their pics published, it’s that sometimes accusations aren’t accurate. That is why we do that trial-thing.

  • Chris

    @Oaklander: Anyone’s mugshot is public record. They’re not secret photos that are being exposed. If someone jumps to the conclusion that a person is guilty simply because they’re arrested, that’s on them, not the press for publishing photos that were already available to everyone anyway.

  • alejandro

    i dont know about the laws from where your at, but where i’m from if your under 18 and are accused of a crime, your name and photo arent allowed to be displayed..

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