Liberace Gets Animated To Discuss His Flamboyant Peacock Style In Long-Lost Interview

It was 1968, a year before the Stonewall riots and the birth of the modern gay rights movement and Liberace was in the closet. But what a closet! It was undoubtedly jam-packed with magnificent bejeweled garments fit for a queen. Although the iconic pianist-entertainer never came out publicly and would die of AIDS-related illness in 1987, his sexual orientation must have been transparent to everyone but his devoted blue-haired fan base. In a vintage audio interview with KTRH Houston that’s been digitized by PBS Digital Studios, Liberace talks about the “peacocking” of men’s fashion, his impoverished youth, working hard for that yearly $3M income and what he spent on clothing, as well as what he’d do if he were president.

Watch the fun unfold below.