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  • Jake the libertarian

    Damn you Liberty for making me smile!

    BTW, I was in theatre at a homophobic college too…. lots of those people are gay. Give them an opportunity to find themselves and come to terms with their own truth. I am very thankful that I had that chance.

  • Greenpointguy

    I feel sorry for the gay guys in this choir…I’m sure they’re being fed “pray the gay away” messaging daily…

  • Anon

    I wonder if they know Dodson is gay?


  • Trevor

    @Anon: Probably not. Homophobes usually have awful gaydar.

  • jacknasty

    wow the conductor has got to be the most annoying person I’ve ever seen. I kinda just want to smack her.

  • Joe

    If that conductress is not a dyke crying to be out, I don’t know what is.
    She makes Rachel Maddow look straight.

  • AugustLA

    I genuinly have remorse for any gay who is living their life in the shadow of their zealot religious family, who brainwashed them to believe their livelihood and being is a product of environment and can be reversed if “around those who are holy” well, take this video as an example. I’d be willing to wager more than half these choir kids are gay, know it, and are fighting it…yet when they realize “DAMN, this is my life, worth living for me, and there’s nothing wrong with being gay and beyond proud of it” will be too late for them to relish any aspect of their life. I feel more sadness for gays who buy into religious ideology and the self hate attached to it, than most any other sociotragic epedemic you can name. They are literally floating this planet without a soul.

  • Jon B

    3 of the 6 people in the still frame on that video are gay/lesbot. This school is totally failing the parents! ;p

  • ktbisl32

    I think they did a great job with this. It amazes me that people who are steeped in religious conservatism ever day have access and interest in youtube and/or antoine dodson. Also, the red-head with the scarf is totally cute.

  • jj

    Those are the gayest boys I’ve ever seen in a choir….and that’s saying something. Feel sorry for them.

  • Black Jack44

    youd have to be terry schiavo to not know that conductor is a lesbian…

  • Ken S

    Without even speculating on the sexual orientation of the kids singing, I’m amazed the conductor could get away with that hair (or wearing pants) at such a conservative religious school :-/ And yeah, also surprised that YouTube with its ‘impure secular influences’ would be allowed as a source of inspiration- I’d have expected it to be blocked on their campus. Why are these people undermining what we’ve heard about their school being an evil brain-washing camp for crazies? The nerve! :-P

  • Ken

    I do not even get it and …. they are a bit off tune

  • Meowzer

    I hate that I like this so much.


    If Helen Keller was in the audience for that performance she would have remarked how so very Gay it was….. :p

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