Library Of Congress Guilty Of Trans Discrimination

In 2004, after working as an Army Special Forces commander, a man named David Schroer applied for a job as the senior terrorism analyst at the Library of Congress.

All seemed to be going well and Schroer seemed like a shoo-in, but things got more complicated when David said he planned on becoming Diane. The Library didn’t seem to approve, because Schroer was told he couldn’t have the job.

Fast-forward four years and the Library of Congress now finds itself guilty of discrimination.

A federal court ruled Friday that the Library did, in fact, discriminate against Schroer because she transitioned genders. And she couldn’t be more pleased:

It is especially gratifying that the court has ruled that discriminating against someone for transitioning is illegal. I knew all along that the 25 years of experience I gained defending our country didn’t disappear when I transitioned, so it was hard to understand why I was being turned down for a job doing what I do best just because I’m transgender.

It is tremendously gratifying to have your faith in this country, and what is fundamentally right and fair, be reaffirmed.

While the financial specifics of this reaffirmation have yet to be determined, we’re hoping Schroer gets a big pay-off.