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Library Puts Gay Artist’s Gay Sculptures Back On Display After Silly Baptist Protest

At the Tillsonburg Public Library near London, Ontario, a plastic sheet has been covering the works of R Bruce Flowers, a local gay artist who — surprise! — makes gay art. Four pieces, on display as part of something called Oxford County Art Project: Art in Public Spaces, were covered up for weeks even though, according to Flowers, they were “innocent images. A child would just see a warm hug or two hands.” Indeed: The works are as close to G-rated as you can get. But after a local newspaper highlighted the show, and Flowers’ same-sex contributions, New Hope’s Baptist pastor John Friesen knew he couldn’t stand for it and rallied the wicked to pressure the library into hiding the art. Friesen, who hasn’t even seen the sculptures but somehow knew they weren’t “reflective of family values,” loses this battle: the library board passed a resolution to keep the exhibit up and running until Feb. 28, uncovered. Whew, we can now redirect all of our attention to the Smithsonian. [Pictured: The same-sexiest of Flowers’ four pieces, some of which don’t even feature faces.]