Lice In The Bush

Schadenfreude. It’s that delightful frisson you feel running along your spine upon learning that something massively awful has happened to one of your enemies. Republican Congressman Randy Cunningham has resigned in abject disgrace, having pleaded guilty to accepting more than $2.4 million in bribes to help campaign contributors and other sleazebags win military contracts.


What’s that? You hadn’t considered there were people in the U.S. government in favor of war in Iraq because the war makes them richer? Cunningham, a “family values” candidate who twice sponsored an anti-gay marriage bill, lived in Washington on a 43-foot yacht owned by one of the military contractors who received tens of millions in federal contracts thanks to “Duke,” as Cunningham is known to his slimy “family values” friends.

One of the worst parts of this is that Puke, as Queerty is now proud to call him, is one of those who basically doesn’t give a hang one way or the other about gays. But this political type merrily exploits anti-gay bigotry in the population to assume, and abuse, a position of power. Because Puke is so ugly, we’re accompanying this post with a photo of Brad.