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Would life be better if Grindr didn’t allow you to take screenshots?

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Grindr has been trending on Twitter over the last 24 hours as people discuss the subject of screenshots.

To support privacy, Grindr and other apps allow people to send photos that disappear after a few seconds. On some apps nowadays, it’s not possible to take screenshots of these photos. One Twitter user wondered whether it would be better if Grindr and Scruff fully disabled the ability for users to take screenshots.

“Hot take maybe but Grindr and scruff should disable screenshots in the app everywhere,” said @transitdiagram. “We need to dismantle the Grindr screenshot twitter industrial complex.”

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That tweet has had over 4,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Some supporters of the idea talked of how so many people now post Grindr chats to platforms such as Twitter, sometimes earning themselves viral fame in the process. Others said it was an abuse of trust.

Others said users had stolen their photos and created fake profiles with them.

However, others feared it might prevent people from taking screenshots that capture incidents of abuse.

Others pointed out that even if screenshots were disabled, some people would find a way around it, such as using the camera on another device to take a photo of the phone screen.

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Grindr itself picked up on the conversation and appeared to contribute its own lighthearted thoughts.

LGBTQ advocate and podcaster Tyler Oakley chipped in with some memorable screenshots.

Others posted their own viral tweets on the subject.

What do you think? Would you prefer if dating apps fully disabled the ability to take screenshots?