Life of Agony’s Keith Caputo Makes The World Safer For Trans Metalheads

Gay dudes in metal bands are no longer unheard of. Rob Halford from Judas Priest, Gaahl from black-metal legends Gorgoroth. It’s whatever. Some metal fans throw tantrums over the news, but most take it in stride. They just want the music to shred their ears.

But for a metal rocker to come out as trans? That’s sort of new. So cheers to Brooklyn-based Life of Agony singer Keith Caputo, who’s taken to Twitter to announce her official status as an MtF transperson. Caputo is coming out swinging at anybody who doesn’t like it, and sharing the fact that she’ll be keeping her penis, thank you very much, in spite of some news reports to the contrary. Best quote: “The press should do proper research before talkin jizz!”

Very metal of her.


Video via  jesus_lizard