Hates Paying To Tan

Life’s No Beach For Rupert

Rupert Everett loves a good mission. Now that he’s taken on gay adoption, the out actor’s setting his British sights on Venetian beaches. And not for the Italian men.

The 48-year old’s at the Venice Film Festival hyping the big screen adaptation of Ian McEwan’s Atonement. Press junkets can be a bit stressful, so Rupie headed to a local beach to get some R&R, but found repression instead.

Any summer visitor to the Italian coast is familiar with the long broad curve of blond beach covered by beach umbrellas and sun loungers in tight, neat ranks.

They are owned by companies which rent them to bathers and often charge a fee to people who merely want to swim.

Last week when Everett arrived in Venice for the international film festival, and went to take a dip in the sea, he was informed he could not swim without paying for admission.

“Access to the sea should be guaranteed to everybody,” he told Italian television. “I want to take the Venetian authorities to court.”

Don’t you just love when he gets hot and bothered?